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Technologie Scouting

In addition to the traditional tasks of research and teaching, the area of technology transfer is becoming increasingly important for universities. By actively approaching institutes, chairs and professors, we identify promising, technology-driven start-up projects at an early stage and make scientists aware of the value of their research. The current edition of the research brochure shows the scientific excellence and research strength of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Workshops & Lectures

Our wide range of networking and teaching events qualifies people interested in setting up a business and founders in all areas that are relevant for a start-up. In addition to classic topics such as business plan preparation or choice of legal form, this also includes soft skills such as presentation training, team management and personality development.


With the "SAXEED-Verwertungsschool", we offer support within the framework of a four-week workshop series for scientific staff who would like to identify and analyse the exploitation potential of their own research project. In addition, participants receive information on protecting their own research, setting up a business, licensing, and funding and financing opportunities.


In a results-oriented programme lasting several months, we show participants their potential as (co-)founders and support them in the (further) development of their own founder personality. Part of the programme are coaching sessions, discussion rounds and workshops that are specifically geared to the needs of female founders. In addition, the participants are networked with successful female founders and the exchange among each other is promoted within the framework of joint undertakings - such as a visit to a start-up-specific trade fair.

Start-up Advisory

In start-up advisory, we accompany the founding teams from the evaluation of the business idea to the development of the business model to the founding of their own start-up. Start-up advisory refers to the early phase of a start-up. The focus is on business model development and the search for a suitable form of financing for a specific start-up project.


With the EXIST Bootcamp, we enable the founding teams to prepare their EXIST application in a targeted manner within four weeks. Each week begins with an application-relevant workshop together with other participating founding teams. Afterwards, the teams work independently on the relevant part of the application and receive feedback from experienced start-up advisors at the end of the week. 


The 18-month early-stage incubator for start-up projects with EXIST funding combines a structured coaching plan, intensive exchange among the founding teams and regular feedback from the expert jury with shared office workspaces in the SAXEED-Base, the coworking space in the DBI.


The start-ups are supported according to their new challenges in order to establish them in the market and promote their growth. The founding teams benefit from our extensive network of investors, organisational developers and industry experts. Successful founders are committed to the next generation of Freiberg's start-up scene.

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