Psychological Counselling Service for Students

Welcome to the website of Psychological Counselling Service Center.

Surely you have taken up your studies with the best of intentions regularly attending your courses and successfully completing the tests. And yet you may be feeling that the requirements are higher or that the expectations you may have had are not being met.

The period of study is an exciting time of change!

For you not to get overwhelmed during your time of studies the university is offering free and, if you wish, anonymous personal counselling at any time of your student career.

The counselling service can touch upon  many different topics, for example:

  • Doubts, if the chosen  course of study really is the right thing for you
  • Test Anxiety / work inhibitions
  • Relationship problems (partners, parents, flatmates, other students)
  • Reintegration after a long period of illness
  • Feeling depressed
  • Addiction (Alcohol, Drugs, Internet)

If you believe that talking may make you feel better, or if you need help regarding some personal issues, please contact us.

We can offer you counselling in form of single appointments or continuously over several sessions. There is also the possibility of having couples counselling. Moreover, group seminars about text anxiety, work inhibition, ''finding your own way'', etc. will be offered during the semester. 

The counselling offered is practice and solution-oriented based on a systemic approach. The systemic consultation involves the help-seeking person AND their social /professional environment.

All counselling is confidential!

For social services (study funding, housing, child care), please contact the Studentenwerk Freiberg (

Counselling services (in German!) are available by appointment only on week days between 9:00 and 16:00 h. 


If you seek counselling in English we recommend to contact the following service in Dresden:

Street address: Hohe Straße 53, 01187 Dresden

To make appointments please call reception: 0351/463 36957