Workshop in Vietnam for Study Project „Mineral“

Workshop in Hanoi
Workshop in Hanoi currently brings together partners of the ERASMUS+-project „Mineral".

The project „Mineral“ brings together nine universities from five countries in the framework of an ERASMUS Plus project. It has in focus the building of modern master study programs in the area of ressource exploring at four universities in Russia and two universities in Vietnam. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg, (head of project), the Montan-University Leoben and the Polytechnic University Turin support the partner institutions. At fünf universities, nine master study programs are already established und first students enrolled.

Group Picture in a Vietnamese MineCurrently, a consulting workshop takes place in Hanoi. Hosts are the partner University for Mining  and Geology in Hanoi (HUMG) and the Graduate University for Science and Technologie (GUST). Topics are the matching of the curricula of the partners and the future double degrees as well as the equipment of the laboratories, courses of further education, the quality management and the public relations. Another subject was the just finished second winter school on with 260 registered partipants. The content of the online courses will be available for further education programs of the partners.

The Vietnamese partners have also presented their universities and their facilities. Visits of interesting institutes had therefore been on the agenda. A field excursion to geological exploration at the isle of Cat Ba, to the Halong Bay and to the copper mines in Lao Cai had also been part of the project. Lateron, a DAAD workshop for new commun projects will take place to continue the professional and effective cooperation. „Vietnam is an important partner for the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg“, the project coordinator Prof Carsten Drebenstedt says. „About 300 Vietnamese have already graduated at Freiberg University and are now in key positions in science and economy of their home country. Also with support of the 'Mineral' project we found new partners, could build up confidence and put the ground for future projects. So we want to establish a double degree in Mining with the Hanoi university“, Prof. Drebenstedt explains.