University of Shanghai for Science and Technology: Chinese Delegation Visits Freiberg

The vice-president of USST Ping Liu presents a gift to the Rector
Following the visit to Shanghai by Rector Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht in May 2017, a Chinese delegation from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology visited TU Bergakademie Freiberg recently.

Under the leadership of Vice President Ping Liu, five representatives of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) were welcomed by Bergakademie Rector Prof. Dr. Barbknecht, Prof. Dr. Ing. Aneziris and China coordinator Ms. Chen-Konietzky on October 13, 2017. In addition to a guided tour of the city centre and terra mineralia in Freiberg, the focus was on reciprocal presentations by the universities and discussions about possible cooperation. In addition, the delegation visited the laboratories of the Institute of Ceramic, Glass and Construction Materials. “This is not the only area in which there are interfaces in the portfolios of our universities that can be used in future to carry out joint research,” explains Rector Prof. Dr. Barbknecht.

Profile: The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

With approx. 26,000 students and a broad range of technical courses of study, USST is one of Shanghai's elite universities, and can draw on many years of German-Chinese cooperation. Indeed, it was founded in 1907 as a “German Medical College”.

Today, the university not only has a “Deutsches Zentrum für Kulturaustausch” (German Centre for Cultural Exchange) in which events take place on topics such as German history or cultural differences, it also enjoys inter-university cooperation with RWTH Aachen University and HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, among others. The subjects on offer range from energy technology and mechanical engineering to materials science.

Development of an international research laboratory

“With so many Chinese students in Freiberg, we are pleased to be able to continue our cooperation with the renowned University of Shanghai, and to develop a joint international research laboratory in the field of materials science,” announced Rector Prof. Dr. Barbknecht.

Research cooperation with Chinese universities has been carried out for some time, e.g. by Prof. Dr. Ing. Heinz Konietzky from the Institute of Geotechnics and other partners.

Contact person: Haina Chen-Konietzky, Tel: +49 (0)3731 39-4392

Besprechung in der Aula der Bergakademie