University goes into preventive standby

University main building of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
The TU Bergakademie Freiberg will carry out a preventive standby operation until further notice. This is a purely preventive measure to maintain the university's performance.

For this reason, all professors and staff members whose work is not necessarily required on site should stay away from the university premises for the time being and carry out their work in "mobile work". If an activity on site is urgently required, the length of time spent on university premises and the simultaneous presence of persons shall be kept to a minimum.

The Rector and Chancellor issue the following order:

All scientific employees are to stay away from the university rooms on principle. The respective supervisor decides on the absolutely necessary presence. As far as necessary, the Rector's authority to issue orders is hereby transferred to the departmental superiors until revoked. Academic employees work on the basis of "confidential working hours", so that they can easily pursue mobile activities. Applications or similar are not necessary.

With regard to non-scientific employees, the respective supervisor makes the decision. In the case of non-scientific employees, it must be checked whether mobile work from outside is possible (home office/mobile work). If in doubt, employees can contact the Human Resources Department. If mobile working is not possible, employees are on call.

With regard to the non-scientific staff of the central university administration, the Chancellor makes the decision.

All employees who are on mobile work or on call will continue to be paid their salary.

The university computer centre remains staffed to maintain the technical infrastructure.

In order to avoid an accumulation of employees in offices, the respective superiors shall check and order the introduction of shifts.

The house directors should also be on site every working day if possible. If there is a reason for the house directors not to be on site, they should notify the Personnel Department by e-mail, stating the reasons, and appoint a representative.

Laboratories, experimental facilities and other research facilities are to be operated in such a way that they can continue to operate or be closed in an orderly manner at any time during emergency operations, while ensuring research and safeguarding the safety of persons and facilities. The existing individual regulations for measures in this regard are to be observed.

Until further notice, attendance at the institutes and facilities must be reported to the Personnel Department (personaleinzelatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de) every Thursday. A corresponding sample form will be provided.
Further measures

As already communicated in the Rector's order of 13 March 2020, all business trip orders already issued for business trips not yet commenced are cancelled. In particularly urgent cases, the application for an order may be resubmitted. In agreement with the Registrar or the Rector, business trip orders should only be issued if the business trip is essential for the maintenance of research and teaching activities or the functioning of the university and cannot be replaced by other means.

Permits for secondary employment for teaching abroad and in Germany outside Saxony will be suspended with immediate effect if travel is associated with it. It shall be checked whether suitable digital formats can be used.

In the interest of maintaining the order of the university, all attendance events in rooms of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg which are not urgently required for the maintenance of research and teaching activities and which are not only attended by members of our university are hereby prohibited. External as well as internal meetings or similar should be held by telephone or video conference if unavoidable.

Visitors (non-university members) who are not already present should be invited with reference to the current situation and visits should be postponed indefinitely or the purpose of the visits should be achieved via telephone and/or video conference (e.g. in the case of appeal proceedings).

The reading rooms of the University Library will be closed from 14.03.2020 until further notice. The University Library provides information about a lending service, which is primarily intended to serve students who can prove that they are currently working on a Bachelor's/Master's or Diploma thesis.

The computer pools will be closed.

The terra mineralia will be closed.

The buildings of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg will be closed to the public from 17.03.2020. Professors and employees will be granted access to the buildings by means of their badge/key.

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