TU Freiberg puts new water channel for flow experiments into operation

Preparation of a flow experiment at the new water channel.
The new large-scale device at the Chair of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg is used to study complex flow phenomena and to analyze fluid-structure interactions in water.

The new device is able to pump a total of three cubic meters of water in the circulation. The water passes through a test section accessible for observation of a total of five meters in length. The flow reaches Reynolds numbers of up to 200,000.

New water channel in the laboratory of the Chair of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

The new large-scale device will be used in future in teaching as well as in scientific projects. This allows students to apply their knowledge of fluid mechanics directly in practice. For example, objects are immersed in the water of the flow channel and analyzed their interactions with the water flow using modern laser-optical measurement methods. Thanks to the configuration of the new water channel, scientists can even track the movement of freely floating objects in the future.

At the Night of Science and Economics on June 22, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the new water channel in action. In the Weisbach-Bau (Lampadiusstraße 4, Experimental Hall A), young and old researchers can test self-built paper planes and paper ships in the wind and the new water channel, among other things. The best aviator and the fastest ship will get a prize.

logo of the Free State of SaxonyThe new plant will be co-financed by tax revenue on the basis of the budget approved by the members of the Saxon Landtag.

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