TU Freiberg digitizes medium-sized businesses

Image: "Financial analysis and forecast". Photo: Sergey Nive
The Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg works together with the University of Rostock and the business community on solutions to bring the Internet of Things (IdD) to life in small and medium-sized enterprises. The project is funded by the BMBF and ESF with approx. 1.5 million euros.

The goal of the project "Internet of Things and Integrative Organizational Design: Impact on Organization and Employees" is to develop new concepts and tools for work design and organization in and with medium-sized companies by May 2022. The Chair of International Management and Corporate Strategy at the TU Freiberg and the Chair of Business Administration at the University of Rostock work closely together with several small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

On the basis of surveys and case-specific analyses, the project partners first determine the requirements for the organisation and the employees in SMEs. Building on this, the scientists develop concrete activity, interaction and information scenarios and test these in workshops with the participating SMEs to determine their practical suitability. On the basis of the findings, a new type of business software is to be developed that can support SMEs in introducing the IdD. This should, for example, provide solutions for future workflows and organisational structures on the basis of company-specific data.

The software will be implemented at the implementation partners Berg GmbH & Co KG; FMZ GmbH; pironex GmbH with the support of the IT enabler Wegtam GmbH, tested and transferred into operational practice in Germany. The project is coordinated by the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg (Prof. Dr. Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim).

The applications will later also be used in other sectors, such as logistics or the packaging industry.

The project is financed by the BMBF funding measure "Zukunft der Arbeit: Mittelstand - innovativ und sozial" (Future of work: SMEs - innovative and social) (funding code: 02L18B030).

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Prof. Dr. Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim, Phone: +49 3731 39-2004