TU Bergakademie Freiberg gradually eases lockdown measures for research and teaching

Main building of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
The Summer semester will mainly proceed through remote instruction. From May 4 onwards few in-person classes, such as labs or tutorials, will be resumed in small groups. Research staff will slowly return to experimental facilities, administrative employees will mainly continue to work remotely.

TU Bergakademie started the Summer semester with more than 500 online courses which will be continued throughout the whole semester. Only courses that cannot be taught online will be delivered in-person while strict hygiene measures will be maintained.

Moreover, the University will flexibly adjust conditions for exams in the Summer semester to the respective regulations. Written exams that have been postponed during the Winter term 2019/20 will be conducted at the end of the Summer term 2020. Written exams of the Summer term 2020 that require a presence on campus will not be carried out during the same period. Oral exams as well as thesis defences can either be performed digitally or, in most cases, in-person while maintaining strict hygiene measures.

University members who belong a risk group will be protected and can be exempt from in-person courses if they wish to. It is the main interest of the University management to responsibly enable a successful semester for the students.

Public events will still not take place on campus and University facilities will remain closed to the public. Those include the library, terra mineralia, the University canteen and the café SIZ. The library, however, will continue to lend out scientific literature in cases of urgent needs.

By slowly easing lockdown measures TU Bergakademie Freiberg follows the agreements made in consultations between the Rector’s Conference of Saxony and the Saxon Ministry of Science and Research. The measures aim to flatten the curve of infections while ensuring that students are able to successfully finish their programs.

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