Studying in Freiberg, Uppsala and Ghent

© Torsten Mayer / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
A master’s degree course in three different countries? With the international SINReM (Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management) Master’s course, a great new opportunity has opened up for students from winter semester 2017/18. Applications will be accepted until July 14th.

If you’re interested in environmental protection, sustainable products and raw materials that are traded fairly, then SINReM is the right course for you. A completely new concept, the course is a unique combination of scientific and technical modules with a firm foundation in business studies. The course is held in English, and students will learn e.g. where the raw materials for computers, smartphones etc. come from, how they transition from mining deposits to production lines, how they can be processed in an environmentally friendly manner and, at the end of their useful life, how they can be recycled. Armed with this and a host of other knowledge, students will be ready to develop new solutions and technologies for the production processes of the future.

Enrollment for the course takes place through Ghent University. In the first year, each student will spend time in Freiberg, Ghent and Uppsala, starting with Ghent. In the second year, the students will specialize in a topic at one of the three universities, before writing their master’s thesis there.

Along with the three participating universities, industrial partners such as BASF, Umicore, Sandvik and Vito will also take part in the educational process. In this way, students will develop not just technical, but business-oriented tools as a foundation for their future careers – enabling them to found a company with a sustainable business model, to work in industry, or to opt for a PhD program.

The tuition fees will be € 6,000 per annum for applicants from EU member states, and € 12,000 per annum for students from non-EU-member states (including health insurance), whereby a reduction of the fees to as little as € 2,000 per annum is possible. For some students applying before July 14th, the fees can be waived in their entirety. 

The SINReM program receives its financial support from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology within the framework of the EIT Raw Materials Program. The EIT network has been described as ‘Europe’s MIT’, and promotes the education of international experts in the field of raw materials and commodities. 

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