Scientists from Freiberg joined »Academic and Research Visit« to Saudi Arabia

From April 23-30, 2010 two members of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg participated in the European Academic and Research Visit 2010 to Saudi Arabia following an invitation extended by Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest integrated oil & gas company. While 2009 saw only members of Imperial College London invited on the trip, this year Aramco asked five top European universities active in the fields of geo sciences and energy, to join the visit.
Prof. Moh’d M. Amro from the Department of Drilling Technologies and Fluid Mining and Robert Pardemann (research associate at the Department of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering) attended the visit together with nine representatives from the universities of Delft, Edinburgh, Trondheim, and the Imperial College London.

Besides getting to know the universities’ profiles and their activities in research and education, the visit aimed to provide an introduction to the company itself and Aramco’s research efforts in its various divisions. Emphasis was put on the so called upstream divisions including all actions from exploration to oil recovery and the downstream divisions including oil processing in refineries. Moreover, contact with local universities from various regions in Saudi Arabia was established and starting points for future collaboration in education and research were identified. In meeting representatives from management and speaking to Aramco researchers, a number of similarities were found between the research profile of the Bergakademie and issues being addressed by Aramco. In particular, the opportunities for PhD education in Freiberg met with the company’s highest interest.

Moreover, throughout the whole visit all members of the delegation were not only impressed by the high standard of the newly built infrastructure, but deeply impressed by the great hospitality of the hosts and the unique opportunity for a cultural exchange.

The unanimous perception of the participants is to intensify the contacts and to further establish the visit to promote a continuous dialogue and exchange. Joint activities and projects in education and research shall be encouraged on the basis of the newly found similarities in the near future.

A more detailed and comprehensive report on the visit will be given through a public presentation by the middle of this year.

Photo: Prof. Moh’d Amro (r.) and Robert Pardemann (l.) at ARAMCO headquarters in Dharan.

Prof. Moh’d M. Amro