Professor from India as a guest at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Singh (left) with Prof. Dr. Carsten Drebenstedt and stude
Prof. Dr. Pradeep Singh from the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research visited the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg from 17 to 21 June as a visiting professor. In his lectures he brought the Freiberger students closer to the field of blasting technology.

The high reputation, the theoretical knowledge and the practical experiences that Prof. Singh possesses make him a valuable addition to our teaching and research profile", says mining professor Carsten Drebenstedt, inviting the guest to attend. For his work in the field of blasting technology, Prof. Singh was honored in 2010 as the best scientist in India.

India is the fourth-largest economy in the world and faces major challenges with around 1.2 billion inhabitants. Around 60 million people have no access to electricity, and more have no access to clean water or sanitation. Therefore, the reduction of raw materials has the task on the one hand to ensure a modern life in a modern society and on the other hand to minimize and counteract interventions in the environment.

Therefore, the visit of Prof. Singh was also used to develop common approaches to research topics. Topics included the management of water resources and digitization. A concrete project was prepared in this context together with the company Hindustan Zink as part of the recultivation of an open pit mine.