Press Releases

molten metal.
Scientists of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg have developed a new process for the production of molten metal hybrid filters in the Collaborative Research Centre 920. … weiterlesen

Anvar Mammadli auf dem von ihm organisierten Symposium 2019.
Together with a team of ten students located in Baku Anvar Mammadli, a Freiberg student from Azerbaijan, has organized the second Global Engineering Symposium in Baku. … weiterlesen

The logo of the German-American Institute Saxony. Photo: DAIS
Strengthening German-American relations in Saxony on a cultural, social and political level - this is the goal of the German-American Institute Saxony (DAIS) in Leipzig, which was opened on February 5th with the participation of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. … weiterlesen

Student Paul Reitemeier sorting the shredded material
Lithium-ion batteries are now installed in almost all modern electrical appliances. So far, however, the recycling of the batteries is not optimal. In the joint project "InnoRec", the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and four partners are researching an energy- and material-efficient recycling approach. … weiterlesen

Image photo of a man in a suit with green leaf.
Through the "Green Deal", Europe is the first continent to set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050. How the economic, ecological and social effects of EU climate policy can be better analysed in advance will be discussed by scientists at the TU Freiberg from 3 to 7 February. … weiterlesen

Two men at a swimming robot in the CAVE
The swimming robot of TU Freiberg, equipped with sensors, is supposed to drive completely autonomously on the water thanks to artificial intelligence and continuously measure various environmental parameters. In this way, the water quality of reservoirs and dams can be checked in real time. … weiterlesen

Students with bicycles in front of the New Mensa.
The plan is to offer a low-cost rental service for cargo bikes suitable for everyday use, with which students of TU Freiberg and citizens will be able to travel comfortably and environmentally friendly on campus and in the university city in the future. The first test phase will start this year. … weiterlesen

A woman at a machine
The machine developed at the Institute for Processing Machines (IAM) of the TU Freiberg in the joint project ELIZE enables a particularly energy-efficient processing of important high-tech metals for industry. It generates electrical pulses with a strength of up to 600 joules. … weiterlesen

The RT13 during a test
Due to the consistently good performances in the last two years, the Racetech Racing Team has made it into the top 5 in the worldwide ranking of the Formula Student Electric, making the student racing team the second best team in Europe after the TU Munich Garching. … weiterlesen

shooting of small and micro plastic pieces in water environment.
Together with partners from industry, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg will develop an innovative solution over the next two years to purify industrial wastewater and remove environmentally harmful microplastics. The process is also to be applied in the municipal sector at a later date. … weiterlesen