President of Chinese WUST University Visits TU Freiberg

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The President of China's Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Hongwei Ni, and his delegation were officially welcomed by the Rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg on November 30.

As Rector of the University of Wuhan, Prof. Hongwei Ni visited universities in Saxony from November 28 to December 1. In Chemnitz on November 29, he held the laudation for the Chinese winner of Saxony's Carlowitz Prize for Sustainability, Shaozhong Du.

Prof. Ni signed a new cooperation agreement with TU Rector Prof. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, which included a joint master's program at the two technical universities. He also entered his name on the university's roll of honor. With a delegation of four, he visited various technical facilities on the TU Freiberg campus and took part in the Barbara Celebration held by TU Bergakademie Freiberg's Association of Friends at the university's Alte Mensa.

Signature in theroll of HonourWuhan University is one of the closest cooperation partners that TU Freiberg has in China. At a celebration of WUST's 120th anniversary in Wuhan in October, the Rector of the Bergakademie gave a welcome address on behalf of all international partner universities. In May of this year, a delegation from Freiberg to Wuhan negotiated the expansion of cooperation in research, and particularly in the field of metallurgy. The aim is to promote international collaborative research in the field of high-tech metallurgy and refractory technology and their application, while establishing a joint research laboratory structure. The collaboration involves the Institutes of Iron and Steel Technology, of Geotechnics, and of Ceramic, Glass and Construction Materials at TU Freiberg. The partner laboratory is the state laboratory for refractories and metallurgy in China, which is located at WUST.

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Haina Chen-Konietzky, Tel 03731 / 39-4392