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Castle Freudenstein in Freiberg
Global warming can only be stopped if CO2 emissions are reduced and energy systems are converted. Participants at the International Autumn School "Climate Policy and Energy System Transformation" will learn how politics can contribute to this. … weiterlesen

Casting of molten steel in a steel casting simulator via a ceramic foam filter
An international research team of the Collaborative Research Center CRC 920 at TU Bergakademie Freiberg was honored on Thursday (25/3) with the prize of the Society’s Refractory Ceramics Division. … weiterlesen

Dr. Ing. Elsa Qoku in portrait.
For her doctoral thesis at TU Freiberg on the characterization and quantification of cement-based materials, the young scientist Dr. Ing. Elsa Qoku was awarded a prize of 3,000 euros by the German Chemical Society on March 17. … weiterlesen

Junior Professor Sabrina Hedrich
Since the beginning of 2020 Junior Professor Sabrina Hedrich has been teaching and researching at the Institute of Biosciences. She examines microbes that have adapted particularly well to extreme conditions such as high temperatures, extremely low pH values, and toxic heavy metal concentrations. … weiterlesen

Books and a computer
The examination phase started this semester almost entirely with online exams. Yulia Dolganova and Anja Solf-Hofbauer from the university's e-learning team give tips on how to complete the digital exams. … weiterlesen

As the results of a survey of first-year students show, personal support for students in small study groups at the campus university as well as the technical and scientific subjects offered are decisive factors in choosing Freiberg as a study location. … weiterlesen

Picture: Student stuying in the library.
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree course is conducted in English and is aimed at university graduates holding an undergraduate degree that lasted at least six or seven semesters (three years). … weiterlesen

Nations joined since 1971 according to https://rsis.ramsar.org/
The so-called Ramsar Convention was a breakthrough for international nature conservation law in 1971. The international treaty, which will be 50 years old on February 2, 2021, has proven to be very effective. … weiterlesen

M.Sc. Ludwig Blenau
The new interdisciplinary research project by three Tenure Track professors of TU Freiberg aims to find new ways to recover materials from the by-product of copper processing. In the future, those could be used as secondary raw material for glass fibres or for applications in the steel industry. … weiterlesen