New record: for the first time, TU Freiberg gets more than EUR 60 million of third-party funds

In der Magnetron Sputteranlage im Zentralen Reinraumlabor der Universität werden
Prior to the end of the current year 2014 the university registers a new record in raising third-party funds.

On 22 December these amounted to EUR 62.3 million and further gains of third-party funds are expected until the end of the year. Thus, each professor of the Freiberg university raised an average of EUR 724,400 of third-party funds for the year 2014.

This is another increase by approx. eight percent as compared to the previous year. Already in the year 2013 the TU Bergakademie Freiberg had raised more third-party funds than ever before (EUR 58.3 million). The university was repeatedly able to hold one of the leading positions in Germany with EUR 671,000 of third-party funds per professor. Since many years the professors of TU Bergakademie Freiberg are among the absolute elite in third-party funding in Germany.

Just recently, the Federal Statistical Office presented the confirmed figures for third-party funding for the year 2012. Accordingly, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg belongs to the top flight along with TU Munich and RTWH Aachen. In 2012 the Bergakademie raised a total of EUR 643,300 per professor. The highest fundraising is registered for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Process and Energy Engineering as well as the Faculty of Materials Science and Materials Technology. The key external funding sources were the Federal Government, the State of Saxony as well as Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the economy.

“High third-party funds also mean that we can offer our students best conditions for education in parallel with research – both during their studies and also for innovative research projects, in the scope of which they can complete their final thesis”, says Vice Chancellor Prof. Bernd Meyer.

The Freiberg university has a good position with respect to third-party funds and enabling application-oriented basic research also in the field of natural sciences. The faculty of Prof. Dirk C. Meyer, director of the Institute of Experimental Physics, alone transacted in this year EUR 1.78 million for new topics, amongst others in the field of materials for the energy conversion or innovative data storage. The institute is one of the institutes of the university with the most three-party funds. “This involves the appropriate education of junior scientists, who are urgently needed in the Saxon industry”, emphasises Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Structural Development Prof. Dirk C. Meyer. About 25 researchers are part of his study group, who are employed from the project funds. Along with their research results, they deliver at the same time an important contribution for the assistance of the following students.

Third-party funds are funds which in addition to the regular university budget are raised from public or private institutions, such as companies. They serve for the promotion of research and development, but also for teaching and education of junior scientists. Third-party funds can be provided to the university itself, to one of its facilities (e.g. institutes), or to individual scientists.