New Assistant Professor in the field of glass technology at TU Bergakademie Freiberg

picture of Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann
In early February Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Ceramic, Glass and Construction Materials. The new professor is an alumna of TU Freiberg and graduate of the first Krüger-Forschungskolleg supported by the Krüger Foundation.

After earning her doctorate in Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and working as research scientist at the Otto-Schott-Institute for materials research at Jena University Fuhrmann now returns to her alma mater in Freiberg. In her research she focuses on glass and amorphous material and plans to expand the understanding of the behaviour of such material under high pressure at the excellent high pressure research facilities available in Freiberg.

Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann will be the second Assistant Professor that is hired during a Tenure-Track-program funded by the federal republic of Germany and the state of Saxony. The program aims to establish the Tenure-Track career path at German universities and to offer attractive career prospects to scientists in Germany. Thanks to the funding TU Bergakademie will be able to employ eight new professors in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science as well as Geosciences and Materials Science.