It is official now: We are a university town!

Freiberg had to wait for a long time for this title but right on time, at the 250th anniversary of the university, Freiberg is decorated with the addition to its name.

Yesterday (11 January), State Minister of the Interior Markus Ulbig has granted to Freiberg the title “University town”. The name underlines the significant role of Technische Universität Bergakademie for the town of Freiberg.

State Minister of the Interior Markus Ulbig: "Town and university are inseparably linked since 250 years. The name “University town” recognises the close relationship between citizens and Bergakademie."

The Saxony municipal code forms the legal basis for granting the additional name “University town”. Accordingly, the State Ministry of the Interior can for example grant additional names which take into account the history of a community or its distinctive features.

The town of Freiberg had applied for the grant at the State Ministry of the Interior in the year 2014. This is the first time that the name “University town” is granted in Saxony after the municipal code came into effect (1993).


Since its establishment in the year 1765 the university has a paramount influence towards the development of Freiberg. The Bergakademie determines the image of the town in many respects and with meanwhile approx. 1,850 jobholders it is the most important employer. Numerous commercial enterprises of the semiconductor and solar industry have settled in its sphere of activity.

However, the university’s excellent international reputation is also determining for the identity and self-conception of the people of Freiberg. In addition, a close interaction of the life of the students and the town is also manifested in an exemplary manner in a joint cultural life as well as club and sports activities.