Iraqi Engineering Students Model and Simulate in Freiberg, as One Enters Master’s Program

Summer school participants after the welcoming speech by Prof. Zeidler
Eight Iraqi students studied at the two-week summer school “Simulation and Modeling of Technical Processes” at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in late September.

Lecturers and technicians from Iraqi universities were also present in the second week of the summer school. Prof. Henning Zeidler from the Institute for Machine Elements, Engineering Design and Manufacturing (IMKF) hosted the now-traditional summer school. Furthermore, a participant from the 2013 summer school is currently starting his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in Freiberg.

Since 2010, the project “Mechanical Engineering Germany – Iraq” (MEGI) has offered bachelor students in engineering at Iraqi partner universities the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the field of digitization using CAD systems and simulation, while simultaneously getting to know TU Bergakademie Freiberg. “The best students from the third year are selected for participation in the summer school, taking into account all of our partner universities in both central Iraq and the Kurdish region,” says Dr. Abdulkader Kadauw, coordinator of the MEGI project.

Wriya Ahmed attended the summer school in 2013. He has now returned to Freiberg to complete a master's degree in mechanical engineering. “I really liked the atmosphere at the university and in the city of Freiberg. I was particularly impressed by the library, and by how well-equipped the laboratories were at the Institute for Machine Elements, Engineering Design and Manufacturing. I have also gotten to know several other universities in major cities in Germany. However, TU Bergakademie Freiberg had me convinced, and it was clear to me that I would do a master's degree in Freiberg. That is why I began to learn the German language after my return to Iraq.”

Iraqi lecturers also took part in the summer school by giving technical lectures and presentations. A training week for Iraqi university technicians was held parallel to the summer school.

“At the end of this year's activities, we are organizing a symposium in Erbil, Iraq on the topic of practical training in mechanical engineering. Students from TU Bergakademie Freiberg will report there on their student projects from November 19-21, 2017, while at the same time enjoying the opportunity to get to know the culture of northern Iraq,” says Dr. Kadauw.

The MEGI project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office through the DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) as part of the University Partnership Program for Iraq, which has been supporting the reconstruction of Iraqi universities since 2009.

To view all Iraqi MEGI partner universities at a glance, visit:

Contact person: Dr. Abdulkader Kadauw, IMKF, Tel. +49 (0)3731 39-3854, megiattu-freiberg [dot] de (megiattu-freiberg [dot] de)    

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  • Summer school participants after the welcoming speech by Prof. Zeidler
  • Prof. Zeidler explains additive manufacturing processes on the 3D printer
  • Wriya Ahmed receives information (from Manuela Junghans at the IUZ)