International students warmly welcomed by the city

At a welcoming ceremony in the Freiberg city hall on October 15, 2009, Mayor Bernd-Erwin Schramm greeted incoming international students. As of yet, 103 international student have registered for the winter semester 2009/2010; two thirds of them took up the invitation from city hall.
Mayor Schramm noted in his speech that the international guests selected a very good university, and a city that "has fun". Many of them were already convinced of the latter as they joined the Kneipenrallye or the semester opening parties. Mayor Schramm expressed his wish to all listeners that they shall soon feel at home here in the city of Freiberg. Afterwards he invited his guests on a guided tour through the city hall building. Besides getting to know the chambers and cellar of the town hall, many took the opportunity to make contact with fellow students from other countries. Unfortunately, the traditional riding of the lions around the statue of Otto der Reiche on Obermarkt had to be canceled due to the bad weather and since no student seemed to want to try this in that sleet and snow slush. "However, we will make good for that later," said Bernd-Erwin Schramm.

As of now there are more than 450 young people from 67 different countries studying at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. According to Professor Christoph Breitkreuz, vice rector for external relations, that number is very satisfying but yet to improve. Only eight percent of all students are foreign as opposed to an aimed-at percentage of ten. The International Center handed out a questionnaire in order to find out why young people from all over the world would settle for the university of Freiberg. Aurelia Kowal and Adam Saniak, both from Poland and students in the Erasmus program, state that the Bergakademie has a good reputation at their home university, especially in the field of earth sciences. Both, that and the combination of venerable tradition and a modern university supported their decision. Jahanzeb Khan, who is a post-graduate student from Pakistan, made personal contact with employees of the Bergakademie when they travelled to his country. After that encounter he made the choice of coming to Freiberg.

As the person in charge for the English-speaking master program "International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets", Professor Horst Brezinski is happy to welcome 18 freshman students. "That is a good result as entrance requirements as high as Anglo-Saxon standards had to be overcome. 40 out of 100 applicants were admitted, eventually 18 arrived," says Brezinski. Jingjing Cui from China is one of the new IBDEM students. She found out about it through the websites of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and decided to come to Freiberg because of the uniqueness of the program and because she would like to work in that field.

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Katja Polanski