International students of steel technology received DAAD scholarship

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Two international students of the new English-language master's program TAIEM received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on 19 June.

The awards went to Padinhate Purayil Sohan from India and Yaroshevskyi Serhii from the Ukraine, both of whom are studying the new engineering course "Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials (TAIEM)" with a focus on steel construction. The two students have achieved the best academic achievements and receive a scholarship of 300 euros / month)

The financial support is provided within the scope of the program "Matching Funds" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as well as from the economy by the world-leading steel and mining company ArcelorMittal. The scholarships can be awarded by universities independently to foreign students and doctoral students.

On June 19, there was an orientation event for the study of iron and steel technology and the two master's courses "Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials (TAIEM)" and "Metallic Materials Technology (MMT)" / specialization "Iron and Steel Production".

Prof. Olena Volkova, Director of the Institute of Iron and Steel Technology, presented the course and contents of the study and explained what skills and knowledge students should acquire in order to take up a job later in the industrial environment. Dr. Ralf-Peter Bösler, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt, presented possible activities in the industrial environment, especially within his group. He presented strategic measures to ensure sustainable steel production with lower CO2 emissions in the future.

The steel industry faces enormous challenges regarding the planned reduction of CO2 emissions. Together with industrial partners, alternative processes are investigated and researched. This includes the direct reduction, in which iron oxide is no longer carbothermally but hydrothermally reduced with hydrogen. As part of the course "Industrial Environmental Protection", lecturers from the industry inform the students about the current demands made on the steel industry and what measures are taken to comply with current emission limit values. Numerous experimental studies are carried out thematically in coordination with industrial partners and thus also find their way into the curriculum of the university.

 Afterwards a guided tour through the metallurgical halls and test fields of the Institute for Iron and Steel Technology took place.

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Contact Person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olena Volkova, Tel + 49 (0)3731 / 39-3100