International staffing of the TAIEM Master's program

Internationale Besetzung des Masterstudienganges TAIREM
The new Master's program "Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials" (TAIEM) has aroused international interest. Twelve students enrolled last year, including students from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, and Pakistan.

In October 2018, the international Master's program Technology and Application of Inorganic Engineering Materials TAIEM was launched. The program lasts four semesters and concludes with a Master of Science (M.Sc.).

For admission to the coming winter semester, applicants from countries where students require a visa to study in Germany must apply by April 30. Applicants from countries where students do not require a visa to study in Germany have until July 15, 2019 to apply.

Bei der praktischen AusbildungTAIEM students acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in the fields of materials science, steel application, foundry technology and the simulation of non-ferrous metallurgical processes.

As inorganic construction materials, steels and ceramics are key materials for the fields of transport, energy technology, mechanical and plant engineering and construction. As a basis for continuous material and technology development, TAIEM graduates obtain a detailed understanding of the process relationships and the materials’ mechanical, thermal, chemical and functional properties at the nano, micro and macro levels, in combination with chemical and physical interactions at interfaces and surfaces.

The TAIEM program starts with core instruction in metallic, ceramic and refractory materials including the associated thermodynamics and material mechanics. Meanwhile, training courses in particle technology and fluid mechanics can also be attended. In the second and third semesters, there are further training courses in the fields of technology and the application of materials, as well as in the modeling and simulation of metallurgical processes. In addition, experimental courses teach students how to apply the knowledge they have acquired in practice. Research seminars allow students to exchange their knowledge. A Journal Club has also been established to continuously record current developments in the relevant fields of materials, while providing a forum for their discussion. The fourth semester is dedicated to the production of a Master's thesis.

Fields of activity of TAIEM graduates:

  • Resolution of material- and technology-specific problems in the steel and ceramics industries
  • Selection of suitable steels and ceramics for specific applications
  • Evaluation of the properties of steels and ceramics at different levels and the assessment of their behavior under industrial conditions
  • Resolution of specific questions in the fields of technology and the application of steels and ceramics
  • Management of technology-oriented research projects
  • Potential areas of application for TAIEM graduates:
  • The iron and steel industry
  • Metal-processing industries
  • The ceramics and refractory materials industry
  • Recycling and raw materials industries
  • Universities and research institutions

Application documents can be sent by post to the admissions office of TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The address is: TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Zulassungsbüro, Akademiestrasse 6, 09599 Freiberg, Germany

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Olena Volkova, Tel +49 (0)3731 / 39-3100