Freiberg’s BHT University Forum to Focus on Innovative Resource Technologies

Mitarbeiter der Elektrotechnik im und am E-Auto in heller Halle
TU Bergakademie Freiberg expects over 600 scientists from 20 countries, with a keynote lecture on resource supply and national security policy

Energy, housing, mobility, and communications & the internet require an uninterrupted stream of resources and materials. With the theme “Resources: Their efficient exploration, extraction, processing, use and recycling”, the 68th BHT Freiberg University Forum 2017 runs from June 7 to 9 with a total of ten technical colloquia. (BHT stands for the German “Berg- und Hüttenmännisch” – it was originally a colloquium founded by mining and smelting specialists). The comprehensive program can be found here. Students and PhD students of TU Bergakademie Freiberg can participate free of charge.

The first highlight of the conference will be the public keynote lecture and the 22nd Krueger Colloquium on Wednesday evening (June 7, 18:00) from Prof. Ulrich Schlie. Holder of the Chair of Diplomacy at Andrássy University in Budapest, Prof. Schlie will present the topic “Resource Supply and National Security Policy – Challenges for the Future”. In his presentation, he will discuss the changing framework of international security, while examining the risks associated with Germany’s supply of raw materials. Ulrich Schlie explores raw materials policy as a function of German security policy in both a national and European context. Secure access to resources is a decisive issue for Germany’s future competitiveness – and the cornerstone of national security.

Ulrich Schlie is a historian and a Professor of Practice. A member of the German Federal Foreign Office, he currently occupies the Chair of Diplomacy at Budapest’s Andrássy University. From 2005 to 2014, he was active as, initially, the Head of Policy Planning and then as Political Director at the Federal Ministry of Defense in Berlin, with responsibility for international security policy and German defense policy.

The three-day research conference will host a series of technical symposia on subjects such as e.g. electric drive technology, resource efficiency in foundry engineering, the latest deep drilling technologies and the recycling of raw materials. In addition, the biennial Freiberg Silicon Days conference will also be held (in English) during this period. This conference will be dedicated to a range of aspects associated with the manufacture, cleaning, processing and use of silicon – which remains the most important material in electronics. The Freiberg Silicon Days conference will commence on Wednesday afternoon (June 7, at 13:30) with a workshop on the issue of the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of silicon-based photovoltaics, including discussions on their effect on electricity markets, their effectiveness in combating climate change, and their competitiveness. The workshop will also discuss the use of photonics in improving photovoltaic performance.

For the first time, the Freiberg colloquium “Electric Drive Technology” will be hosted, offering participants the opportunity to learn about new research results, to draw on new ideas and to participate in the scientific and technical dialog between research institutions and industry. The main focal points of the colloquium are the modeling and simulation of electrical machines, the presentation of new motor concepts, the control of electrical drives and battery aging. The colloquium will be supported by the VDE Regional Association, Chemnitz.

Event Format:

The BHT Freiberg University Forum has its origins in a student initiative from 1949, whereby young scholars joined forces to organize their first interdisciplinary conference. From this initial concept, the BHT developed into an annual research conference that presented results from the fields of geosciences, geotechnical engineering, mining and metallurgy. In recent years, the Freiberg University Forum has also showcased other areas of the resource-focused research spectrum of TU Freiberg. In its 68th year of existence, the research conference will be dedicated to future-oriented issues, serving as a mirror for the outstanding performance and technical diversity of TU Bergakademie Freiberg. 

Conference Program:

The 22nd Krueger Colloquium and the keynote presentation with Prof. Ulrich Schlie will take place on June 7 at 18:00 in the Alte Mensa in Freiberg. The event is free of charge and is not tied to participation in the research conference. Following the keynote presentation, there will be the opportunity to talk to the speaker. The event will be broadcast on the internet per live stream: 

Online registration remains open until June 5, with later registrations possible on the day. Three technical colloquia are free of charge, though with a limited number of participants.

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Lisa Krenz, Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie, Tel.: 2944