Free State of Saxony issues new general ruling on corona pandemic

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The new general ruling within the framework of infection protection will apply from 23 March until at least 5 April 2020, and the new regulations include exit restrictions and contact restrictions.

This is an excerpt translated into English from the General Ruling available in German via the following link:

It is a reading version only, intended to be comprehensible for international students and employees of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

General Ruling

Enforcement of the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG)

Initial restrictions in connection with the corona pandemic

Announcement of the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion (SMS)

of 22 March 2020, Ref. 15-5422/10:


1. leaving domestic accommodation without good reason is prohibited.

2. good reasons are in particular:

2.1. the avoidance of immediate danger to life, limb and property,

2.2. the exercise of professional activities (this includes travelling to and from the place of work)

2.3. outward and return journey to emergency childcare in accordance with the general ruling of the SMS concerning day-care centres and schools of 18 March 2020 and to day-care facilities in accordance with the general ruling of the SMS of 20 March 2020, or professionally arranged substitute childcare,

2.4. ensuring security of supply for the population, including collection and delivery services (including through voluntary work)

2.5. carrying out the necessary delivery traffic, including letter and mail order business,

2.6. journeys by fire brigade, rescue or disaster control teams to the relevant base or location of action,

 2.7. the use of medical, psychosocial and veterinary care services (e.g. visits to doctors, medical treatment and essential specialist consultations as well as blood and plasma donations), as well as visits by members of the medical and health care professions, insofar as this is medically urgently required (e.g. psycho- and physiotherapists, including in old people's and nursing homes) or within the framework of urgently required pastoral care,

2.8. supply channels for everyday consumer goods (retail outlets for food, wholesale trade, drinks markets, pet supply stores, pharmacies, drugstores, medical supply stores, opticians, hearing aid dispensers, banks, savings banks and ATMs, post offices, petrol stations, car and bicycle repair shops, dry cleaners, laundries, newspaper sales and postal voting)

2.9. the keeping of appointments with authorities, courts, bailiffs, lawyers and notaries that cannot be postponed,

2.10. Visiting spouses, life partners and long-term cohabitants, people in need of help, sick or disabled people (outside institutions) and exercising custody in the respective private sphere,

2.11. Accompanying vulnerable persons and minors,

2.12. Accompanying the dying as well as funerals in the immediate family circle, whereby the number of persons must not exceed 15,

2.13. Sports and exercise outdoors in the vicinity of domestic accommodation as well as visiting one's own allotment garden within the meaning of the Federal Allotment Garden Act, but exclusively alone or accompanied by one's partner or with members of one's own household and not in a group of more than five persons and

2.14. acts indispensable for the care of animals.

In the event of an inspection by the bodies entrusted with the execution of this order, the person concerned must provide appropriate evidence of the good reasons. Such evidence may be furnished in particular by presenting an employer's certificate, a company or service card or personal documents.

3. visits to old people's and nursing homes, institutions and outpatient assisted living communities and residential groups with disabled persons which are covered by the scope of application of § 2 of the Saxon Care and Quality of Living Act, hospitals and preventive and rehabilitation institutions in which medical care comparable to that provided in hospitals is provided (institutions pursuant to § 23 Paragraph 3 Nos. 1 and 3 IfSG) are prohibited. (...)

4. furthermore, everyone is required to reduce physical social contact with other people outside the members of his own household to an absolutely necessary minimum. Wherever possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between two persons must be maintained.

5. express reference is made to the punishability of an infringement of points 1 and 3 of this order pursuant to § 75 (1) No. 1 IfSG.

6. aggravating orders of the local health authorities in connection with the containment of the corona pandemic remain unaffected.

7 This General Order is immediately enforceable pursuant to Section 28 Paragraph 3 in conjunction with Section 16 Paragraph 8 IfSG.

8) This General Administrative Order shall enter into force at 00:00 hours on 23 March 2020 and shall cease to have effect at 24:00 hours on 5 April 2020.


Dresden, 22 March 2020

Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion

Petra Köpping Minister of State

The violation of an enforceable order pursuant to § 28 Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 IfSG is punishable under § 75 Paragraph 1 No. 1 IfSG".

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