Foundry Institute of TU Freiberg receives BorgWarner Innovation Award for Research

Wolfgang Schneider, Prof. Wol und Jens Then auf der Bühne.
On 24 October, the Foundry Institute of the TU Freiberg received the BorgWarner Innovations Award for its research into high-temperature-resistant materials and process technologies for the manufacture of turbocharger housings and exhaust gas-carrying components for new, economical gasoline engines.

The institute is reaping the first fruits of its research project with the American automotive supplier BorgWarner Inc. The research cooperation with the world's leading supplier of innovative charging systems such as turbochargers began 3 years ago. Since then, the Foundry Institute, in cooperation with BorgWarner Inc., has been researching, among other things, high-temperature-resistant materials for turbochargers and the manufacturing processes required for them.

Employees of the Foundry Institute on stageWolfgang Schneider, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. Europe, presented the Foundry Institute with this year's BorgWarner Innovation Award at the Ledebur Colloquium in recognition of its research successes. The award is the Group's highest distinction for new research results in or for the company.

"BorgWarner has played a major role in making the development of high-temperature materials and the associated casting process such a successful research focus at the Foundry Institute," thanks Institute Director Prof. Gotthard Wolf, who also opened the 29th Ledebur Colloquium at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Around 250 international guests and experts from the foundry industry came to Freiberg to attend the event, which took place from 24 to 25 October and exchanged views on the latest research and development trends in the foundry industry.

During the colloquium, the director of the institute also bid farewell to last year's foundry graduates. With the words "Be good engineers and show what you have learnt here in Freiberg" Prof. Wolf dismissed the 15 young engineers into professional life.

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