First DAAD International Alumni Seminar on Mining 4.0

Group Picture
From April 30 to May 5 2019, twenty five Alumni from German universities travelled to Freiberg for the first international Alumni Seminar on Mining 4.0, which stands for the automatization and robotization in mining.

Countries include Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangla Desh, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Marocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Peru and Vietnam. About half of the participants are graduates of Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg or have co-operation relationships with the university. Other participants are graduates of partner universities, such as RWTH Aachen und Technische Universität Clausthal.

The Seminar programme offered a deep insight in the content and the implications for future mine development and mine operation of Automatization, Information Technology, the Internet of Things, Cloud and Fog Computing. Lectures by Professors Drebenstedt, Mischo, Joseph and (MSc Lösche for) Prof. Jung illustrated current activities in Research and Teaching of TU Bergakademie related to Mining 4.0 with applications in the development of algorithms, the use of sensors, information and communication technology and machine construction for mining, both above ground and underground. 

Guest lecturers Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudy Sayoga Gautama of Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bayanmunkh Myagmagsuren of German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology in Nalaikh (Ulaan Baatar District) illustrated the implications of Mining 4.0 for the mining industries and mining engineering education in their countries.

Participants reported about their own projects in a poster session and they received a short course on data analytics for mining 4.0  by Dr. Michael Suciu of start-up talpasolutions GmbH from Essen. They visited University laboratories and research centres, and they spent a whole day in the university mine for a hands-on approach to research projects related to underground information and communication technology, the use of sensors for location of man and machine and for health and safety and the automated steering and operation of machinery, as exemplified in „Robot Julius“. The Seminar finished with a visit to a MIBRAG surface mine, with special insights into the control room in order to demonstrate the current status of Mining 4.0 in Germany’s lignite mining sector.

Prof. Drebenstedt said: „I am delighted to have met a group of very professional and dedicated participants coming  to Freiberg for the subject of Mining 4.0 which will increase in importance in mining globally. We showed them our current activities and gave them a perspective of future outlooks of the mining industry.“ Prof. Bongaerts commented: „We are grateful to DAAD for the support to organize this Seminar. In many developing countries, the mining industry contributes substantially to their national incomes and the development of society. Mining 4.0 comprises a new approach leading to higher productivity, safer work places and better environmental protection. The Seminar has also a sustainable networking effect, since existing contacts were strengthened and new contacts were built up.“

Contact Person: Prof. Carsten Drebenstedt, Phone +49 (0)3731 / 39-3773