Chinese Academy of Sciences honours Freiberg researchers

Dr. Markus Reinmöller (left) presenting the award.
Dr. Markus Reinmöller from the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the TU Freiberg has been awarded as a visiting scientist for his research on ashes within the framework of the President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Every year, the PIFI program enables around 200 scientists from all over the world, selected from thousands of proposals according to strict criteria, to conduct research at one of the more than 100 institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Markus Reinmöller works at the Institute for Coal Chemistry (ICC) in Taiyuan. This is one of the leading research institutes in the field of conversion processes for carbon-containing materials and has very good experimental equipment for the investigation of ashes. This enables the investigation of individual ash properties using various methods. The results are then easier to compare and contribute to the more efficient use of carbonaceous raw materials.

Together with the award, Dr. Reinmöller received a ten-year visa from the Chinese government. In addition, he was appointed guest professor at the ICC. At the presentation of his research results in Freiberg, he was presented with the certificate as a Fellow of the PIFI programme by Prof. Dr. Jin Bai. In addition, the stay will further strengthen the cooperation between the two institutes.

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