ITUN performs Night of Science (NDW) at TUBAF

At this year´s NDW on Saturday 22nd, June, ITUN offered a large bouquet of interesting unit operations used within the research projects at the institute. All together presented at a comprehensive level for all age groups to enable a bridging between science and common life.

The experimental applications within the topic of brewery residual materials range from pressing technologies for gaining brewers spent grain press water, membrane filtration for separating the ingredients, pelleting and agglomeration for usage of solid residuals as soil enhancer, to Raman spectroscopy as analytical application and microbial fuel cells for treating brewery waste water streams and gaining energy. Additionally there was a framework program to attract children and those who like agility, cleverness and ingestion.

Regarding the rush of visitors NDW at ITUN can be considered as effective and successful, hopefully attracting new students for TU-BAF for the next years.

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