Video Production

The media center is endowed with the technology and know-how for the making of professional videos. Owing to the indicative production of video contents in internet, the demand for the production of different video portals has increased. We have positioned ourselves strategically for these challenges and can support the various areas of the university in it‘s activities. It involves the classical production of educational films, events recording  to live transmissions from different locations on campus and across the world.

 Production possibilities:

  • Complete production of educational videos, movies and advertising films
  • Development of video models for research using different special technologies
  • Development of multimedia applications for CD, DVD or on the internet
  • Production of video materials for e-learning (OPAL)
  • Relaying of (S)VHS or DV on DVD and streaming on the Internet
  • Showing of live broadcasts in HD quality, including live-streaming
  • Manage archives for videos and educational films for teaching purposes (Media server)
  • Production from single image files to videos
  • Technical organisation for video conferencing
  • Technical supervision for audio visual events including transmission on the internet
  • DVD-Authoring and small serial productions