IÖZ Forum ... What is it?

Since 1997 our Technical University's extracurricular studies called "Studium Generale" offers lectures on general-education subjects across all disciplines. Part of its lecture series called "IÖZ FORUM" is organized with the Interdisciplinary Environmental Research Centre and supported in part by IÖZ's Praxis Partner Association and the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

In 2015 our IÖZ FORUM for example dealt with fascinating lecture topics about the significance of light in civilization and in the history of the sciences — on the occasion of the International Year of Light. Lectures themes change each year — ranging from the luminescence of minerals to the Arctic, and concerning much more ...

All IÖZ FORUM lectures are open to the public and easily understandable for lay people. The admission is free of charge. Lectures take place mostly in the large mineralogy lecture hall WER-1045 (Mineralogie-Hörsaal WER-1045) in the Werner Building, Brennhausgasse 14 in Freiberg. The lectures always start at 18:00 Hours.

IÖZ's Event Planning is Ongoing

Our list of lectures is continually being updated and expanded ... our webpage may not look so complete. Sometimes at the editorial deadline of the magazine, proWissen-Heftes, not all the details about each lecture are yet available. So pease check back at our IÖZ web page (below) or consult the local newspaper.

→ IÖZ Forum (list of upcoming lectures)

→ Studium Generale Program (see their magazine "proWissen-Heftes")

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