Tasks and Expertise

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Research Centre was established to focus on the environmental expertise across faculties at our technical university TU Bergakademie Freiberg and to promote this. The Center is a scientific unit with a direct mandate from our university presidency.

Our Tasks Involve

  • Pooling environment-related expertise and developing long-term strategies
  • Coordination of environment-oriented research and stimulation of new topics
  • Working towards an appropriate integration of environmental protection issues and sustainability in university education
  • Strengthening and integration of biosciences at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Increasing our university’s visibility by research contacts and projects, as well as communicating Freiberg’s environmental competencies at regional, national and international levels.
  • Cooperation with partners from private companies, state administrative bodies, and research and education entities
  • Planning and execution of innovative projects and intensive exchange through effective collaboration with the PraxisPartner Association.


While judging and evaluating environmental questions of all kinds, from local to global scale and in all relevant environmental compartments (atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, lithosphere), we are striving for a truly inter- and cross-disciplinary approach in the pooling of our expertise. The Centre will act as your link to competent partners within and outside of our university. Put us to the test. The following keyword-based list illustrates our bandwidth:


  • Genetic construction of mutants
  • Gene cloning, gene expression and sequencing
  • Isolation and Identification of bacteria
  • Microbial degradation of chlorinated aromatic compounds and other, mainly aromatic pollutants
  • Use of microorganisms or enzymes to build chemical molecules
  • Cleaning and characterization of enzymes
  • Investigation of the association of microbial communities with molecular methods
  • Phytoremediation of metal-polluted sites
  • Monitoring and bioindication
  • Investigations and project management in Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology (restoration projects, biotope management, agro-ecology, data analysis)


  • Earth System Science on most spatial and time scales
  • Investigation of natural archives for the reconstruction of climate and environment (sediments, soils, peat profiles)
  • Soil – biota – atmosphere interactions
  • Meteorological and climatological challenges
  • Inorganic chemical analytics of solutions and solids of all kinds (major, minor and trace components as well as speciation and non-destructive analytics)
  • Isotope geochemical analytics for age dating of ancient rocks

Environmental History

Environmental Management

  • Environmental Assessment Studies
  • Environmental Policy of the European Union

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