Studying in winter semester 2020/2021

1. Information on arrival/return to TU Bergakademie Freiberg from abroad

Video source: The Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration

(1) Persons entering the country from risk areas must independently check whether the following provisions apply to them. If so, they are obliged to implement the provisions.

  • Persons who enter the Free State of Saxony in Germany from abroad and who have been in a risk area (according to the publication of the Robert Koch Institute at the time of entry) at any time within ten days before entry are obliged to go directly to their flat or other suitable accommodation immediately after entry and to remain there permanently for a period of ten days after entry and to contact the health authority responsible for their place of residence (or stay) immediately.

  • Shortening of the quarantine period: "The quarantine period ends at the earliest five days after entry, if a person has a negative test result on paper or in an electronic document in German, English or French with regard to an infection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and presents this immediately to the responsible health authority on request within ten days after entry. The underlying test may not have been done before five days after entry.
    The underlying test must meet the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute, which are published on the Internet at"
    Source: Saxon Corona quarantine regulation

  • Those entering from risk areas are obliged to fill in the digital entry form (Digitale Einreiseanmeldung). This enables the responsible public health authority Gesundheitsamt to better control compliance with the quarantine. Data protection: The data is encrypted with every transmission and is only made available to the responsible health authority. The data is automatically deleted after 14 days.

  • You can reach the responsible public health authority Gesundheitsamt via the e-mail address reiserueckkehreratlandkreis-mittelsachsen [dot] de, as well as by telephone: 03731 799-6249
    The consultation hours are:
    Monday and Wednesday 09:00 to 15:00
    Tuesday and Thursday 09:00 to 18:00
    Friday 09:00 to 12:00
    Source:; as of 05.11.2020
  • Tell the health office your name, date of birth, date of entry, the country you came from, the address of your flat in Freiberg and your contact details (e-mail address, telephone number).

  • Affected persons are entitled to free testing within ten days of entry.

(2) Registration with the International Office

  • We ask all international students from an officially designated risk area to complete the International Office's registration form 2 weeks before their arrival in Freiberg. With this, you will inform us about your coming.
  • For returning international students from an officially designated risk area, please inform the International Office by e-mail to internationalattu-freiberg [dot] de at least 5 days before your arrival. Please let us know the date of your arrival.
  • If you are staying in a student hall of residence, please inform the relevant contact person about your arrival and the date of arrival.

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2. Enrolment procedure for winter semester 2020/21

You have received your visa and have arrived in Freiberg? – Please continue as described here in order to enrol:
  • Send the documents mentioned in your admission letter (scan of your visa, health insurance, passport photo etc.) to zulassungsbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de with the subject: "Enrolment_WS_Applicant number_Name".
  • If you have to present the originals of your educational certificates, please put them in an envelope. Write on the envelope:
    TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Admissions Office
    your applicant number, your last name, your first name
    Please put this envelope in the mailbox at Akademiestrasse 6
    Note: The mail slot is located to the left of the courtyard entrance at the main university building, not at the actual main entrance.
  • Semester fee: if you have not yet paid the semester fee (+ possibly second tuition fee), please transfer it to the following account:
    Recipient: Hauptkasse Sachsen
    IBAN: DE06 8600 0000 0086 0015 19
    BIC: MARKDEF1860
    Credit institution: Deutsche Bundesbank
    Amount: 94.00 € (+ if applicable second study fee of 300.00 €)
    Kunden-Referenznummer: 4419.0000.0008-B
    Verwendungszweck / reason for payment: applicant number, surname, first name

After all documents have been submitted, the Admissions Office will take care of your enrolment. The International Office will then give you an appointment by e-mail to pick up your enrolment documents. At this date you will receive your student ID, the certificate of enrolment, your user login for OPAL and, if applicable, your original educational certificates will be returned to you.

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3. Online Office Hours

The International Office offers online consultation hours from 26 October 2020 (see the consultation hours of the International Office staff). We use the web conference system Big Blue Button. It allows us to communicate via voice or chat.

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4. Teaching in the winter semester 2020/2021

Teaching in all courses of study will take place in hybrid form – both online and on-site. further information

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5. Locations on campus with WLAN access

City center:

  • Foyer lecture hall Schlossplatzquartier, Prüferstraße 4
  • Study Information Center (S.I.Z.), Prüferstraße 2

Central campus:

  • Mensa Foyer and cafeteria as well as outdoor area
  • Foyer of the Weisbachbau, Lampadiusstraße 4
  • Foyer of the Audimax, Winklerstraße 24
  • Gellertbau, Leipziger Straße 23

North campus:

  • Foyers of the Haus Formgebung, Bernhard-v.-Cotta-Straße 4
  • Foyers of the Humboldtbau, Bernhard-von-Cotta-Straße 2
  • University Computer Center, Bernhard-von-Cotta-Straße 1

Over the next few weeks, work will be done on improving the Internet connection in the cafeteria, both inside and outside.

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6. Administrative building closed

As a measure against the spread of the new coronavirus (CoViD-19), the administrative building of TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Akademiestraße will remain closed. Please use telephone and e-mail to contact the responsible person at the International Office, the Admissions Office or at the Students Office.

Documents and papers in hard copy can be dropped into the mailbox outside the university main building on Akademiestraße 6 (located next to the courtyard door).

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7. Further information concerning the Corona virus Covid-19

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