International students

Information for new international students

The Welcome Point in Akademiestraße 6 opens on 24 September 2019. further information

The Orientation Days start on 2 October 2019. Download the schedule  I further information

Here you can find information about the study programmes offered by TU Bergakademie Freiberg, application procedure. You can also find information about accommodation, health insurance, cost of living and studying in Freiberg as well as about financial support.

Das Deckblatt der Broschüre "Study in Freiberg"Download the brochure "Study in Freiberg" (PDF document; 8 pages, file size: 3,3 MB; image quality has been reduced in order to reduce the file size.

This brochure provides information in a compact manner, e. g. a list of the available study programmes, application formalities, information about the city and the university of Freiberg.

To make you feel welcome right from the beginning of your stay we offer a student buddy, who will assist you during your first weeks in Freiberg and Orientation days for a good start at the university. Besides your studies or your Phd you have the opportunity to take German language courses at different levels at the International Centre.

In your spare time you have the chance to learn more about Freiberg, Saxony and Germany by participating in excursions, international evenings or home stays at German families (see AKAS).

If you are interested in presenting your home country to German pupils at a school, the project "International Students in Schools" may give you the opportunity to do so.



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