Winter semester 2020/2021

1. Study and internship abroad

All events concerning study and internship abroad are to be found here.

2. Workshop "Presenting during studies"

No fear of presentations! You are trembling, sweating and your head feels like it's empty. The thought that you have to give your presentation in a few minutes before the entire course seems like a nightmare. – Do not be afraid! More fellow students than you think feel similar to you. Because fear of lectures is a common problem, but by no means an insoluble one, we have put together a few tips on how to successfully and stress-free survive your next presentation.

Further information coming soon

2. Workshop "Writing more effectively in your studies"

The writing of academic term papers and theses is a central challenge
in the course of studies. And for many it is new. If you have to write
your term paper or thesis under time pressure, you have the most important
ingredients for a real challenge! (For international students.)
Answers to these and many other questions can be found in our information

Further information coming soon


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2. Recurring events

The following events will take place at least once per academic year. The respective time and place will be published on this website under the section "Current events".

1. Work and Internship in Germany - Career Training for International Students

You are an international student and would like to know how to find a job in Germany and how to apply successfully? – In this two-day career workshop you will learn with many examples how to apply in Germany.

  • What are my strengths as an international applicant for a German employer and how can I make these clear in my application?
  • What are the best ways and steps to find an internship or a job?
  • What do German employers pay attention to when reading application documents?
  • How do I make use of the experience I have already gained in my home country in my CV and cover letter?
  • How does an interview in Germany work and how do I master it?
  • What are the residence regulations if I want to work in Germany?

You have the opportunity to work on and discuss your CV and cover letter with the newly acquired knowledge from the workshop.

2. Funding opportunities for international students

The International Office informs about funding opportunities for international students while studying in Freiberg. The focus of the presentation lies on scholarships, funding through grants administered by the International Centre as well as job opportunities. The information event will be held in English and in German language.

3. STUBE - an accompanying programme for international students

STUBE Sachsen, the accompanying program for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeast Europe introduces itself and its program. The programme consists of three modules, which are presented in a presentation:

  • Weekend seminars with discussions on global topics,
  • local events as well as
  • Scholarships for internships and study stays in the home country.

If required, the presentation and discussion will be held in German and English.

3. Past events

The Commissioner for International Students invites all students to a presentation and discussion on: „Being an international student in Freiberg – Searching for an internship – experiences of a global manager“

This event follows the first event in December 2018 in the series “The Commissioner for International Students invites all international students”. Since the question about internship opportunities for international students (and especially students in the International Master Programs) in German companies was raised, the event in summer semester will cover this topic.

  • Host: The Commissioner for International Students,Prof. Moh’d Amro
  • Speaker: Mr. Reinhold Bietzker of Endress & Hauser
  • Topic: The Challenging Career history of a global oil & gas manager
  • Time: May 23, 2019, 8 pm
  • Venue: Neue Mensa, Conference room

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