Semester fee and enrolment

Distribution of the semester contribution

The semester fee is 94 € per semester. This is used to finance the tasks of the Studentenwerk (proportionately 87 €) and the contributions for the Student Council (Studentenrat or StuRa – the elected representation of the students; proportionately 7 €). The semester fee is obligatory and must be paid before enrolment or for re-registration for the following semester.

If you have to pay a tuition fee for second studies (Zweitstudiengebühr; you were informed will be informed in your notification of admission), the total amount to be paid is 394 €.

Paying the semester fee

You have two options for paying the semester fee:

1. Cash payment at the paying office with the payment form

A bright floor with class display, a house monitor and a cabinet with merchandising productsYou will need a payment form for the cash deposit. If you have not received this by post with your admission, please proceed as follows:

Admissions office

First visit the Admissions Office for foreign students in the main university building, Akademiestrasse 6, room EG.13 (ground floor; see photo). You will find the documents required for enrolment on your admission to study. Your documents will be checked at the Admissions Office and you can obtain the payment form for the paying office.

Paying office

Visit the paying office in the main university building, Akademiestrasse 6, room 2.20 (2nd floor) during opening hours (Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Friday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) and pay your amount in cash. The payment will be noted on your payment form. Please then drop the signed payment form in the letterbox next to the door of the Admissions Office, room EG.13 on the ground floor (see photo). This completes the payment process.

2. Payment by bank transfer

You will receive the transfer form for bank transfers, which is necessary for the transfer of the semester fee, at the Admissions Office or by post with your admission letter if you are a citizen of a country of the European Union.

A special allocation number is printed on the transfer form (PK number). It is important for correct internal posting of your transfer amount. Please add your full name and applicant number from the letter of admission.

If you are paying by online banking, please transfer the PK number from the transfer form and add your full name and your applicant number.

Please note: It can take up to ten days until the money is received on the account of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.


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Payment of the semester fee for re-registration for studies (from 2nd semester)

In the second half of a semester the period for re-registration for the following semester begins.

Enrolled students then have the following two options for re-registration:


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