Inviting guest scientists

If you would like to host an international guest researcher in Freiberg, you should consider the following things:


It is customary for an international visiting scholar to finance the research stay him- or herself.
In addition to travel expenses provided by an institution in the home country, it is also possible to apply for a scholarship from a German funding institution for longer stays in Germany (4 weeks or more).
As a rule, the international guest researcher must submit the application directly to the German funding institution. In this case, the guest scientist needs a confirmation of the supervisor at the TUBAF for his or her scholarship application.
Funding opportunitie can be found on the DAAD website – Finding scholarships.

Only in exceptional cases (e.g. DAAD guest lecturer programme) may the application be submitted by the TUBAF. Please contact Ms. Lange at the IUZ for advice.

Written invitation for the visa

In order to apply for a visa, guests from non-EU countries usually need a written invitation from a German university professor. The invitation should contain the following information on an official letterhead:

  • name of the guest to be invited
  • business reason for the invitation
  • if applicable, details of accommodation
  • date/period for the invitation
  • details of the costs you are prepared to cover (these must actually be covered) or the wording "Die Kosten für den Aufenthalt an der TU Bergakademie Freiberg werden nicht übernommen" – "Costs for the stay at the TU BAF will not be covered".
  • The wording: "Ich empfehle Ihnen den Abschluss eines ausreichenden Kranken- und Unfallversicherungsschutzes vor Antritt der Reise" – "I recommend that you take out adequate health and accident insurance cover before starting your trip".

Occasionally, international guests insist that the invitation letter explicitly refers to §§ 66 ff of the Residence Act. In doing so, you as the host (personally, not the institution) enter into a personal obligation to cover all costs incurred during the visit to Germany. This applies not only to the costs of accommodation and meals but also, in the worst case, to costs in the event of illness, accident, etc. This obligation or the resulting costs are enforceable by law. The obligation according to §§ 66 ff AufenthG is possible but not recommended from the point of view of the International Office.

Health insurance

It is a legal requirement that every visiting scholar in Germany has adequate health insurance. There are statutory and private health insurances. A visiting scholar can only take out statutory health insurance if he or she is working in Germany in a job that is subject to social insurance (i.e. a mini-job up to 450 euros/month would not be sufficient).

We recommend the chatbot of the Deutsche Gesellschaft Internationaler Studierender - DeGiS for the search for a suitable health insurance.


The reservation itself must be made by you as the host, so that in the event of postponements/cancellations of travel, the room reservation can be rescheduled directly and no cancellation fees are incurred.

Recommended providers and websites:

The International Office offers information for students and doctoral candidates looking for accommodation on its website.

Authorities in Germany

For short stays of up to three months, the international guest scientist is not required to register with German authorities.
For stays of more than three months, the guest scientist must register in person at the Citizens' Registration Office, Obermarkt 21 within the first two weeks. Please bring your passport, lease and and confirmation from the landlord.

If the duration of the visa is not sufficient to cover the research stay, a residence permit must be applied for at the Foreigners Authority. Please bring your passport, tenancy agreement, proof of health insurance, proof of funding for your stay (e.g. scholarship promise, cover letter from the institute on the purpose of your stay as well as 2 passport photos).

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