Review: International Day with Chinese Night, June 2017

The International Day is an information event for German and international students. The International Centre informs about the possibilities for students to study abroad.

International Day 2017

In 2017 the European ERASMUS exchange programme celebrated it's 30th anniversary. This was the main topic of this year's International Day. It took place on 28 June 2017 and – for the second time – in cooperation with the Career Fair ORTE.

Specials: Arabic tea and coffee corner with Henna tattoo: relax and chat in our Arabic tea and coffee corner, get your own original henna tattoo for free, it will be drawn on the top of your hand by Wadi Henna.
Henna is a natural dye that is harmless to health and fades after seven to 14 days. The dye enters the uppermost skin layer and produces a characteristic brown color. Getting a henna tattoo is painless.

Evening Event of the International Day 2017: Chinese Night in Tivoli Freiberg, Dr.-Külz-Straße 3, starting 7 PM
The Chinese Night has been organised by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Arbeitskreis Ausländische Studierende (AKAS).

Gallery 1: Information Event at the Rülein von Calw Sports Hall

Photographers: Michael Griesbach, Torsten Mayer

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Gallery 2: Chinese Night in Tivoli Freiberg

Photographers: Kruba Sankar, Tuan Manh Bui

Innenseite eines gedruckten Programms

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