Support for students with refugee status


Refugees Part of the main building of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Akademiestraße 6with sufficient qualification and a residence permit of more than one semester are allowed to study at TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

The academic year has two semesters:  winter semester (1 October to 31 March) and summer semester (1 April to 30 September).


 Application for studying

TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers a wide range of study courses in the fields of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Geo Sciences, Engineering  as well as Economics. You can study in German or in English.

Application requirements for refugees

  • residence permit of more than one semester

  • Higher education admission

  • German language knowledge (at least A1) and/or English language knowledge

Application documents

  • Certified copies of higher education certificates

  • Officially attested translations of the above into German or English

  • Language certificates of German or English

Application deadlines

With study preparation: 30 April (for winter term) | 31 October (for summer term)

Without study preparation: 15 July (for winter term) | 15 January (for summer term)

Application address

On the following pages you will find information on this special application procedure for international applicants.

Different kinds of study programmes require different application procedures ( Bachelor,Diplom, Master). Please select the option that applies to you:

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Preparation for studying

Refugees with unsufficient knowledge concerning language and subject-related requirements have to take part in study preparatory courses to receive appropriate certificates for studying at a German university.  

Language Preparation 

Test to determine the language level

onSET offers a test to determine the language level. Registered refugees can take this test free of charge– in German or in English.
The onSET-result will help you to find a suitable language course. Universities and language course providers can assign the right course to the participants.


German language courses

TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers German intensive courses for study interested refugees for the  level B2/C1.

Application and further information

Within the DAAD-programme INTEGRA at TU Bergakademie Freiberg registered refugees can attend the German courses for free.

In case of questions please contact Ms Bellmann:
Kerstin [dot] Bellmannatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de


Further possibilities to learn German

"Sprachcafé" offered by the International Centre, every second Tuesday

Duo Deutsch Uni online

Deutsche Welle

Deutsch perfekt

Alumniportal Deutschland

Goethe Institut Deutsch online


Subject-related preparation

Test to proof the ability to study

Registered refugees who are interested in studying in Germany can take a free test at


Preparation in Studienkolleg Sachsen in Leipzig

Refugees with unsufficient requirements for studying at TU Bergakademie Freiberg have to attend courses in Studienkolleg Sachsen to get a basic knowledge and appropriate certificates for studying at a German university. 

Virtual Preparation course

TU Bergakademie Freiberg has introduced an online programme to better prepare for studies in Germany: The Virtual Preparation Course (VPC). The self-studies of students will be supplemented by various tutorials.

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Information about studying in Germany

German Academic Exchange Service offered a special website for refugees who are interested in studying in Germany.

German Academic Exchange Service: Information for Foreigners

German Academic Exchange Service: Programms for refugees at universities 

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

KIRON Open Higher Education Platform with online courses to prepare for studying

  Educational guidance for immigrants



Film about German higher education system



Six stories from different cities

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During studies

Costs for studying and financial support

Freiberg is a small city with low costs for living and studying. Public universities in Germany like TU Bergakademie Freiberg do not charge tuition fees for most degree courses. 

Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAFÖG)

BAFÖG is a state´s support to finance your study. Under certain conditions refugees are entitled to benefits. This depends on the current residence status.

Entitled to BAFÖG without a waiting period

  • recognized persons entitled to asylum,

  • recognized refugees in line with Geneva Convention on Refugees,

  • people granted subsidiary protection.

Tolerated persons and refugees for humanitarian reasons will receive BAFÖG after at least 15 months in Germany.

All information to apply for BAFÖG you will find on the website of the Studentenwerk of TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Please note: 
Refugees within in a not yet concluded asylum procedure and refugees who take part in preparatory courses are not entitled to receive BAFÖG. In this case please contact your Jobcenter or Sozialamt. 



  • The Welcome and hochform programmes

Since 2015, the German University Foundation has offered the Welcome Scholarship Programme for students from refugee areas who are continuing or beginning their Bachelor's studies in Germany, as well as the hochform Scholarship Programme for Master's students.


Working as a student 

If you are planning to working while studying please talk to your contact person in Ausländerbehörde first. 

Offers by the International Centre

The International Centre support you within all questions about living and studying at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Orientation days for new international students are organised at the beginning of every semester. A buddy can help during your first days in Freiberg to make the start of your studies as easy as possible.  If you are looking for a buddy please register for the Buddy Programme

DAAD-Programme Welcome at TU Bergakademie Freiberg


Student tutors within the Programme Welcome offered study guidance for refugees in Arabic and Farsi an. They support refugees in study preparatory courses and during their studies by mentoring, getting in contact with relevant persons and giving tutorials for mathematic and German. 


Interdisciplinary offers

Every Semester the International Centre offers a wide range of trainings and workshops to improve important skills and techniques for studying, working and daily life. 


Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) 

Refugees have the possibility to take part in the online language courses OLS during their studies or additionally to their language course at university. Therefore the current asylum status is not relevant. 
The language courses consists of modules within different subject areas. Also the opportunity for a „Live coaching“ with special interactive programs(MOOCs, virtual tutorials, forums) is offered.


Programme "Language builds bridges"

The project "Language builds bridges" gives opportunities for intercultural exchange and commitment. This programme is aimed at interested students as well as citizens of Freiberg.


Virtual Faculty at TU Bergakademie Freiberg 

The Virtual Faculty bundles all digitally supported content of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. On the one hand it is offered as a service - on the other hand as a virtual laboratory for new formats, teaching and learning methods.


Studentenwerk Freiberg

The Studentenwerk Freiberg provides a wide range of offers concerning social issues like:

  • Living in a dormitory 

  • Food & Beverages

  • Financial issues and supporting 

  • Studying with a child or special needs

  • Psychological counselling

  • legal counselling for students

Further information concerning housing in Freiberg - please talk to your contact person in Ausländerbehörde before moving.  

Living in Freiberg and Germany

SeeleFon for refugees

SeeleFon is a possibility to get help as a refugee with mental diseases or traumas. Languages of consultation are Arabic, English as well as French.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 to 12 am and 2 to 3 pm

Phone: 0228 71002425


Helpful weblinks


Further information about free time offers


Special offers for refugees in Freiberg 



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Working in Germany – Preparation for the labour market

Our offers

Career guidance for international and refugee students
As part of the DAAD programme Integra, the Career Center supports you in your career orientation and career entry in Saxony/Germany.

Consulting and Coaching

  • Are you looking for advice on career orientation and career entry in Germany?
  • Do you need support in preparing your application documents?
  • Do you want to prepare for a job interview?


  • Do you need information about the labour market and career entry in Saxony/Germany?
  • Do you need information about writing applications?
  • Do you know your strengths that you can bring to your career start?

Contacts to employers

  • Would you like to establish contacts with employers in the region?
  • Would you like to participate in events and trade fairs and expand your network?
  • Would you like to get to know the regional job market?
Please contact the Career Center  if you have any questions

Information about Internships and Jobs


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Refugees with academic qualification


Refugees in Germany with a recognized academic qualification can contact Centre of Advanced Study and Research at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. You will find opportunities for further academic career (doctoral studies, habilitations) and get an overview about various courses, trainings, coaching and events addressed for academics. 

Recognition of international qualification

The German Government offers an information system regarding recognition of international qualification. The system provides also data about recognition for international schools and universities certificates. On the webpage there also helpful information for counselling services.


Further offers and possibilities for academic qualification

Plattform Chance for Science for fled scientists and German research institutions

Network No Border Academy from University Lüneburg

The Silent University informal university especially for refugees 

International network Scholar at Risk to promote academic freedom

Philipp Schwartz Initiative funded research fellowship for threatened researchers

science4refugees initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers

Contact persons

Mohamad Al Zoabi

Mohamad Al Zoabi

IT-Support Mobility Online / Support of Students with Refugee background

Akademiestraße 6 room EG.21

Phone +49 3731 39 2574
Mohamad [dot] Al-Zoabiatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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