Prepare your stay

Make sure to also check the general information about Living in Freiberg and in particular the page Before Moving.

Contact your host or scientific supervisor

Please check before your stay at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg whether it is possible to carry out your research here. It is therefore absolutely necessary to get a direct contact to a researcher in your field. Please use the institutes internet pages to find information about a suitable person. The International University Centre will be glad to help you with looking for a research contact and will forward your application to the appropriate institutes.

As soon as you get a positive answer from a Freiberg researcher about supervising you, please make sure you clear all the details of your stay with him/her (research details, length of stay etc.).

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With a few exceptions for certain countries, travellers from countries outside the European Union require a visa for entry. Please enquire at the German embassy about the entry requirements for your country. The Federal Foreign Office provides the Visa Navigator – Which visa do I need for Germany? for this purpose.

It is important that you do not apply for a tourist visa.

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Health insurance

We recommend that you take out suitable health insurance for your research stay in Germany. Travel health insurance is insufficient for a stay of several weeks to several months.

DeGiS chat bot

DeGiS has developed a chat bot that allows you to find out what you really need when moving to Germany. This includes the following topics: Blocked Account, Health Insurance (public / private), Travel Health Insurance.

The tool takes the following personal situations into account: Age, Country of origin (EU / non-EU), Working contract situation, Duration of stay, Family situation / accompanying spouses, Profession

Among others, the tool is available for the following professions:
Doctoral Students (PhDs), Post Doctoral Students, Guest Scientists / Researchers, Scholarship holders.

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Liability insurance

In Germany, the person who caused the damage to other people's property has to pay for it. You can protect yourself against this with private liability insurance, which covers the costs incurred.
The extent of the damage covered by the insurance varies from provider to provider. It is therefore recommended to thoroughly compare different offers.

Note: Many insurance providers offer combined insurance (health, liability and accident insurance).

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