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Article (in German) from the Freie Presse about the Otto Awards

University press release (in German) about the Otto Awards

Registration Winter Semester 2019/20

Registration for the language courses beginning in winter semester of 2019/20 is open from 9.10.2019 to 17.10.2019 (10 am). Please register online on the OPAL platform 


The courses will begin (if the minimum number of participants has been reached) in the second week of lectures.


For courses in English for Specific Purposes in the winter semester, online registration is not necessary. Please come to the course related to your field of study. These courses start in the first week of lectures.


Our goals and what we offer

The Department of Languages of the International Centre of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers all students university-specific, career-oriented training in foreign languages, which enables them to communicate orally and in writing for study purposes (mobility programme) and in their future career.


Students from all subject areas can choose from a range of interdisciplinary / language for specific purposes courses in the basic and specialized stages of their Diplom studies or in their Bachelor or Master studies. These languages can be found in the menu on the left.


The key objectives of foreign language training are first the promotion of English as the Lingua Franca of science and academia and second the promotion of multilingualism. Our training is thus aligned to the goal of the European Union for citizens to be able to speak two languages in addition to their native tongue, as well as to the objectives and targets of the Bologna Process.