German A2

The level A2 will be covered over the period of 2 semesters: in the winter semester A2.1 and in the summer semester A2.2.


  • For A2.1: successful completion of A1 or equivalent language skills (at least 120 hours)
  • For A2.2: successful completion of A2.1 or  equivalent language skills (at least 180 hours)

Course Description

Participants broaden their knowledge of the basics of German grammar and their general vocabulary and hold discussions on various topics of everyday life. They will further develop and practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

Course Material

Spektrum A2+ (Schubert Verlag)

  • Printed version: ISBN 978-3-941323-31-5
  • E-Book: ISBN 978-3-941323-47-6

The book is available in two volumes ("Teilband"). Deutsch A2.1 = Teilband 1; Deutsch A2.2 = Teilband 2.


4 teaching hours per week in class, ca. 4 teaching hours per week self-study

Completion/Credit Points

Upon successful completion of the course 4 ECTS-credits will be awarded per semester. In order to successfully pass students have to attend at least 80 % of the classes and pass a written exam (90 minutes).

Last updated 11 March 2022