1. Canteen on campus ("Neue Mensa")

Address: Agricolastraße 10 A, 09599 Freiberg

The food supply in the canteen ("Neue Mensa") is a service of the Studentenwerk Freiberg (website:

A blue cafeteria flat building with yellow metal struts on the outside, in front of it a spacious, concrete squareCanteen opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 11.15 to 14.00
  • Monday to Thursday 17.30 hrs to 20.00 hrs (dinner mensa in the large dining room)


The prices for meals vary according to the status of the guest.  Students, pupils, employees of TU Bergakademie Freiberg and other guests pay different amounts of money. For example, students pay between 1.85 euros and 3.90 euros for lunch.


The meals in the cafeteria change daily and several dishes are offered every day, lunch and dinner. Vegetarians and vegans are also catered for.
What there will be to eat today or in the course of the week can be found on the Studentenwerk website > Menu online, or optimized for smartphones at

The cafeteria in the building of the canteen ("Neue Mensa")

Address: Agricolastraße 10 A, 09599 Freiberg

A large sunshade made of a metal frame and stable linen fabric stands next to a blue and yellow cafeteria building.Cafeteria opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 08:00 - 16:30
  • Friday: 08:00 - 14:30

The cafeteria complements the offer of the canteen with a variety of snacks, small snacks, coffee specialties and a large selection of beverages.

You can get a pot of coffee for only 0.99 € or a delicious latte macchiato for 1.25 €. With "specials", as for example "sweet and hot for a small price", it gets even cheaper. For only 1,50 € you get a pot of coffee or cappuccino including a muffin.

In summer a place on or under the awning is very popular. Directly in front of the cafeteria the whole area invites you to stay. Here you can talk, learn or flirt with each other. And if you want to have a barbecue in the evening, you can borrow the utensils for it, provided you announce this wish in advance (contact: website of the Studentenwerk Freiberg).

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2. Snack bars, restaurants, cafés

Snack bars

In Freiberg you will find numerous fast food restaurants. Especially Döner Kebab snack bars, but also Vietnamese and Japanese snack bars can be found in the city centre as well as in the adjacent residential areas. Here you will be served very quickly and pay far less for lunch or dinner than in a restaurant.

The average price for a Döner Kebab (Turkish: "spinning grilled meat", served with salad, white cheese and sauce in a quartered small wheat bread) in Freiberg is 4.50 Euros.


In Freiberg there are many restaurants with regional cuisine (Saxon and Bohemian), Greek, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and Turkish restaurants. An overview of the restaurants in Freiberg is provided by Google Maps > Restaurants in Freiberg.

Many restaurants offer lunch dishes at special prices (between 6,50 and 9 Euro). A dinner from the menu costs, depending on the restaurant, between 8 and 25 euros.


Of course you will also find cafés in Freiberg. The Saxons love coffee and cake. Also some bakeries have seating and are therefore allowed to open on Sundays just like a regular café.
An overview of the cafés in Freiberg can be found on Google Maps > Cafés in Freiberg

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