Erasmus Staff (Teaching)

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment (STA) in programme countries 

The Erasmus+ programme also supports visiting lecturers at partner universities worldwide in partner countries. The aim of STA mobility is to impart teaching content to students at partner universities who cannot or do not wish to go abroad and thus to supplement the teaching on offer at the partner university.

Funding is provided for stays that

  • result in the development of new teaching materials and enrich the teaching offer,
  • can be used to strengthen and expand links between departments and faculties and to prepare future cooperation projects between the home and host universities, or
  • contribute to establishing contacts and building networks.

Funding criteria

  • The teaching assignment at the partner university must amount to at least eight teaching hours per commenced week. Duration of the on-site teaching stay: at least 2 days (without travel).
  • There must be a valid bilateral Inter-Institutional Agreement with the relevant host university.
  • „Eligible persons": Professors employed at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, as well as lecturers and research assistants who are active in teaching.


  • Reimbursement of travel costs according to EU flat rate (depending on distance! Calculation here).
  • Reimbursement of accommodation costs according to EU flat rate

You can find an overview of the rates here.

If a profit is made from the difference between the lump sums paid and the actual costs incurred, this must be taxed privately as income.

Before the mobility:

  • Registration of the mobility/application at the IUZ (as early as possible before the planned stay; IUZ enquires about the need in September and January -"first come first serve"!). You can find the application form here.
  • Copy of the Business Trip Application (Dienstreiseantrag)
  • Mobility Agreement (Teaching programme in coordination with the partner university; scan copy is sufficient)
  • Funding agreement/ Grant agreement (will be prepared by the IUZ).

After the mobility:

  • Abgabe einer Bestätigung der Gasthochschule über den Leh
  • Submission of a confirmation of the teaching assignment from the host university (Letter of Confirmation, please submit the original)
  • Report (online in Erasmus database; request will be sent automatically by e-mail) 

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