Study and Internship in Europe and Worldwide

Whoever goes abroad has a lot to gain: new friends and contacts, better language skills, a different perspective on one's own field of study, exciting intercultural experiences, a plus point on one's CV... . You should start planning and preparation in time.

During the corona pandemic many exchange programmes are ongoing. There are different ways to keep informed.

We are happy to advise and support you. These are our consultation hours:

  • Office: Tuesday 11:00-12:00 hrs
  • Phone: Wednesday 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-14:00 hrs; + 49 3731 392580
  • Online: Thursday 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-14:00 hrs; Link to web conference room (BBB)
  • You are also welcome to send us an e-mail at: outgoingsatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

On this and the following pages we provide information about exchange programmes (Erasmus+, Promos), internships, funding opportunities, reviews and useful links. The page is being revised currently. If you don`t find the information desired, please refer to the German language version or contact us. 

Our Webinars in the Summer Semester 2021

The webinars usually take place via Big Blue Button. You can ask questions immediately over your microphone or in the chat. We are looking forward to meeting you. Please check this website for further new webinars which we continuously organise for you.

Presentations are to be found at OPAL via Internationales Universitätszentrum/ Wege ins Ausland.

On which topic would you like to have a webinar? Do you have suggestions, criticism or even praise for us? Contact: outgoingsatiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Ways Abroad: Exchange Programmes of the TU BAF

  • Wednesday, 6/23, 13:00 hrs
  • Webinar language: English
  • Do you want to go abroad for a year, a semester or even shorter? We explain how you can go about it and what options you have. The webinar provides information about study and internship abroad, the TU Bergakademie's European and worldwide partner universities, and scholarship programmes.
  • Link zum Web-Konferenzraum

Wege ins Ausland: Austauschprogramme der TU BAF

  • Freitag, 23.4., 13 Uhr
  • Webinarsprache: Deutsch
  • Wollen Sie ein Jahr, ein Semester oder auch kürzer ins Ausland gehen? Wir erklären Ihnen, wie Sie das anpacken können und welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben. Das Webinar informiert über Studium und Praktikum im Ausland, die europäischen und weltweiten Partnerhochschulen der TU Bergakademie sowie Stipendienprogramme.
  • Link zum Web-Konferenzraum

Auslands-Praktikum in Unternehmen mit Erasmus

  • Freitag, 7.5., 13 Uhr
  • Webinarsprache: Deutsch
  • Studierende und Graduierte kurz nach Abschluss können mithilfe von Erasmus ein finanziell gefördertes Praktikum innerhalb Europas machen. Ein klassisches Praktikum dauert mindestens zwei Monate und kann auch einen Forschungsaufenthalt oder das Anfertigen der Abschlussarbeit beinhalten. Wie Sie speziell ein Praktikum in einem Unternehmen angehen, erläutert Thorsten Poppinga aus dem Leonardo-Büro Sachsen an der TU Dresden.

Erasmus Internships Abroad in Companies

  • Friday, 5/21, 13:00 hrs
  • Webinar language: English
  • Students and graduates can do a financially supported internship within Europe with the help of the European education programme Erasmus. A regular internship lasts at least two months and can also include a research stay or the writing of a thesis. How you can organise an internship in a company is explained by Claudia Schönherr from the Leonardo Office Saxony at the TU Dresden.
  • Link zum Web-Konferenzraum

Funding Abroad under the Federal Training Assistance Act

  • Friday, 5/28, 13:00 hrs
  • Webinar language: German
  • International students can apply for support for studying abroad under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) when they come from an EU country or have a refugee status (but usually not when their residence title is for the purpose of studying; 16b). In this webinar, Isolde Geißler, head of the department for educational support at the student union (Studentenwerk) Freiberg, explains the requirements for BAföG abroad, the minimum duration of support and the exact benefits. The webinar will be held in German, we provide translations as needed.
  • Link zum Web-Konferenzraum