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ERASMUS Work Placement (at universities)

Other Exchange Programmes

Language certificate for candidates from Germany applying for a DAAD scholarship abroad

Form from DAAD scholarships database:

ERASMUS staff mobility for teaching


TU BAF internal documents

The following files are only available in the internal campus data network of TU BAF. If you want to access them from outside the campus data network, you need a central user ID with password of TU BAF. It is recommended to use a VPN client. Further information on VPN access can be found on the website of the University Computer Centre.

Aid for the conclusion of international agreements

(file format: pdf, file size: 317 KB, language: German)

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Blank Memorandum of Understanding * (file format: *.doc, file size: 14 KB, Language: English)

Student Exchange Agreement

Student Exchange Agreement (file format: *.docx, file size: 27 KB, language: English)

Agreement on Double Degree Programme

Double Doctorate Programmes

Information and forms concerning international Double Doctorate Programmes are available at the website of the Centre of Advanced Study and Research.


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