Arrival in Freiberg

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Preparing your study stay in Freiberg

You have successfully applied at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and would now like to prepare the move to Freiberg in the best possible way. The information in the "Before Arrival" section can help you with this:

Download the guide "Before arrival – Travel and study preparations"

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Video about a short trip to Freiberg

TU Freiberg Campus Tour by Nikhilesh Dhure

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After arrival

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Some or all of the formalities listed in this section must be completed after your arrival in Freiberg. This depends on which country you come from and the type of studies you are doing in Freiberg.


2 students in front of blue wall holding a Laptop
Female students, employees or alumni who are interested in self-employment or starting a business can take part in the TU Freiberg's start-up programme in the winter semester. Registration runs until October 2, 2022. … weiterlesen

gruop of students outside
In the winter semester 2022/23, all newly enrolled students will receive a voucher card for sports, cultural and leisure activities in Freiberg. Students can also win one of 24 bicycles to use free of charge for the duration of their studies. Here is how to redeem the benefits. … weiterlesen

group of international students overlooking the city, viewed from their backs
Practising conversation skills in German, getting your thesis or letter of motivation proofread: International students can count on the support of volunteers thanks to an initiative by the University’s International Office. … weiterlesen

Aerial view of the festival area
There was laughter, music and dancing: with around 2,000 visitors, the University celebrated a spring festival with students, staff and Freiberg residents at yesterday's event Bunter Campus. … weiterlesen

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