download_bigbluebutton_recording.js: Watch out for supposedly useful tools

Screenshot bigbluebutton_aufzeichnung_downloaden.js
Criminals are making use of the corona crisis and distribute malware in the form of fake helpers. Never run Software from untrusted sources. Script files can also be dangerous!

Criminals use corona as opportunity

We currently rely on well functioning IT more than ever. But no solution is perfect – cyber criminals know that too and thus create real-looking support sites, that present answer to common questions. Searching for "download bigbluebuttonrecording" may lead to a link that eventually tries to get you to install concealed malware.

Remember: Even when stress levels are high, never run software from unclear sources. Not only the usual executable file formats (such as *.exe, *.scr, *.cmd) can be dangerous, script files (such as *.js, *.vbs, *.bat) are also becoming more prevalent and pose the same danger.

What to do, when something has gone wrong?

If you accidentally have opened a suspicious file, please always contact the IT Servicedesk at servicedeskattu-freiberg [dot] de or via phone extension -1818. The staff will gladly assist you to assess the danger and help you to react responsibly.

Please also make a report in case the program appears not to have done anything or if the program failed with an error message. The infection has often already taken place regardless. University staff are required to make such a report (Kanzler-Rundschreiben URZ/1/2020).

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Dr. Felix Eckhofer, Information Security Officer,