Visit by Chinese Delegation from Alasan, Inner Mongolia

A high-ranking delegation from the city of Alasan in Inner Mongolia, China visited IEC for exchanges about innovative gasification technologies for coal and waste resources and the potential for collaboration to utilize Alasan’s coal waste resources as chemical feedstock.

On 30th July 2019, a Chinese delegation led by the Deputy City Mayor as well as the Director of Alasan Economic Development Zone visited IEC to learn more about IEC’s R&D activities. Of particular interest are gasification technologies which are suitable for high ash coal, and the potential to integrate waste as a co-feedstock for chemical production. Following the meeting and a technical tour of IEC’s gasification pilot plants, the delegation also visited the Stadtreinigung Dresden to obtain an overview of modern waste separation and collection methods. A highlight of the visit is the introduction of the biological-mechanical facility using the Herhof process to produce refuse derived fuel (RDF) as co-feedstock for coal power plants.