M.Sc. Wei Fu

M.Sc. Wei Fu

M.Sc. Wei Fu

Department Technologies for Solid Fuels Gasification

Room 1-210

Phone +49 (0) 3731 39 4413
Wei [dot] Fuatiec [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Field of activity
Patent and Invention


Since 09/2018
Research associate at IEC, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Group: Technologies for Solid Fuels Gasification

01/2015 - 07/2018
CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, Dresden, Position: Project manager, Main focus: Mechanical engineering and design optimization of the coal gasification equipment

03/2012 - 12/2014
Siemens Fuel Gasification Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Freiberg, Position: Mechanical engineer, Main focus: Design of the pressure equipment within the coal gasification Island, burner development and design

10/2007 - 10/2011
Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University Paderborn, Specialization: Product Development; Master’s thesis: Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and heat transfer in a novel multi-chamber tube bundle heat exchanger; Scientific research project: Theoretical design of the agitators for dispersing and mixing of sewage sludge on the basis of rheological investigations

09/2004 - 09/2007
Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University Paderborn, Specialization: Energy and Process Engineering; Bachelor‘s thesis: Corrosion protection of metals with polymer coating

10/2001 - 08/2004
Bachelor’s degree in Process Engineering at Qingdao Univeristy of Science and Technology, China, Specialization: Chemical Process Engineering

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Field of activity

  • Development and optimization of gasification and synthesis processes
  • Development of plant technology and equipment as well as design optimization of equipment by means of numerical simulations (FEM & CFD) & additive manufacturing on the basis of selective laser melting technol-ogy
  • Execution of process engineering and basic engineering 
  • Creation of complete design documents for mechanical engineering services
  • Planning and design as well as coordination during the realization of technical facilities and pilot plants
  • Supervision of test- and demonstration-plants with focus on commissioning, optimization and scientific evalu-ation
  • Preparation and management of interdisciplinary projects in the field of synthesis and high-temperature pro-cess technology for technical facilities and pilot plants 
  • Support in international project acquisition and further development of international projects
  • Responsibility for the 3D-Printing Facilities (electron beam melting process) at the center for efficient high temperature processes and materials conversion


  • Plant Design


Patent and Invention

„Compact Burner for the Entrained Flow Gasifier with Liquid Cooling”, Official File No.: WO2016037846A1 & CN107076410A

„Monolithic Burner Nozzle with Medium-Cooled Channel and Particular Supply of Process Media”, Official File No.: DE102015204594A1

„Process for design of fluid-flow-throughparts“, Official File No.: CN106339522A

„Burner-tip and pilot burner“, Official File No.: DE202017107794U1 & CN209165404U

„Burner for an entrained flow gasifier“, Official File No.: DE202017107808U1 & CN209412158U

„Pressure-resistant burner-tip“, Official File No.: DE202017107810U1

„Device for feeding of fluidized bulk materials“, Official File No.: DE202018004503U1


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Mamani Soliz, P., Fu, W., de la Garza, E., Seidl, L., Rathsack, P., Baitalow, F., 2019. Vorhaben e-KeroSyn: Neue Kerosinsynthese-Technologie auf Basis von CO2 und e-H2. Link to Article.