Wei Fu M.Sc.

Wei Fu M.Sc.

Group technologies for solid fuels gasification

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Telefon +49 3731 39 4413
Wei [dot] Fuatiec [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

10/2001 - 08/2004Bachelor’s degree in Process Engineering at Qingdao Univeristy of Science and Technology, China
Specialization: Chemical Process Engineering
09/2004 - 09/2007Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University Paderborn
Specialization: Energy and Process Engineering
Bachelor‘s thesis: Corrosion protection of metals with polymer coating
10/2007 - 10/2011Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University Paderborn
Specialization: Product Development
Master’s thesis: Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics and heat transfer in a novel multi-chamber tube bundle heat exchanger
Scientific research project: Theoretical design of the agitators for dispersing and mixing of sewage sludge on the basis of rheological investigations
03/2012 - 12/2014Siemens Fuel Gasification Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Freiberg
Position: Mechanical engineer
Main focus: Design of the pressure equipment within the coal gasification Island, burner development and design
01/2015 - 07/2018CHOREN Industrietechnik GmbH, Dresden
Position: Project manager
Main focus: Mechanical engineering and design optimization of the coal gasification equipment
Since 09/2018Research associate at IEC, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Group: Technologies for Solid Fuels Gasification