Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guhl

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guhl

Head of group mineral matter (VIRTUHCON)

Zimmer DBI 206

Telefon +49 (0) 3731 39 4485
Stefan [dot] Guhlatiec [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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Group Mineral Matter
Since 2014Head of group Mineral Matter
2012 - 2014Research group leader Multi Phase Systems, CIC VIRTUHCON
2009 - 2012CHOREN Industries GmbH, Associate R&D-Section
2011Defence of Ph.D., TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Title: Thermodynamische Modellierung des Mineralstoffverhaltens im BGL-Vergasungsprozess (Thermodynamic modelling of the mineral matter behaviour within the BGL gasifier)
2004 - 2009Research Associate, Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
1998 - 2004Study of Chemical and Biological Process Engineering, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Title diploma thesis: Minderung der Braunkohlenkoksreaktivität durch Pyrokohlenstoffabscheidung aus der Gasphase (Minimization of lignite coke reactivity by pyrolytic carbon vapour deposition)
Research topics

Fields of research

  • ash/slag behaviour in high temperature processes (gasification, combustion)
  • chemical-mineralogical characterisation of ash forming components and process samples
  • determination of physical and chemical ash and slag properties
  • experimental investigations of interactions (ash-slag-gas-refractory)
  • thermochemical calculations (FactSageTM, SimuSageTM)
  • conversion behaviour of solid fuels


  • Modellierung von Energie- und Stoffwandlungsprozessen (FactSage)

Selected publications

Komarova, E., Abosteif, Z., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2019. Brown Coal Char CO2-Gasification Kinetics with Respect to the Char Structure. Part II: Kinetics and Correlations. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 97 (2019), pp. 226-237.

He, C., Bai, J., Li, W., Kong, L., Xu, J., Guhl, S., Li, X., Bai, Z., Li, W., 2019. Iron transformation behavior in coal ash slag in the entrained flow gasifier and the application for Yanzhou coal. Fuel 237 (2019), pp. 851-859.

Schwitalla, D., Reinmöller, M., Forman, C., Wolfersdorf, C., Gootz, M., Bai, J., Guhl, S., Neuroth, M., Meyer, B., 2018. Ash and slag properties for co-gasification of sewage sludge and coal: An experimentally validated modeling approach. Fuel Processing Technology 175 (2018), pp. 1–9.

Gonzalez, V., Rußig, S., Schurz, M., Krzack, S., Kleeberg, J., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2018. Experimental investigations on lignite char gasification kinetics using a pressurized drop tube reactor. Fuel 224 (2018), pp. 348-356.

Schwitalla, D., Bronsch, A., Klinger, M., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2017. Analysis of solid phase formation and its impact on slag rheology. Fuel 203 (2017), pp. 932–941.

Safronov, D., Förster, T., Schwitalla, D., Nikrityuk, P., Guhl, S., Richter, A., Meyer, B., 2017. Numerical study on entrained-flow gasification performance using combined slag model and experimental characterization of slag properties. Fuel Processing Technology 161 (2017), pp. 62–75.

Reinmöller, M., Schreiner, M., Guhl, S., Neuroth, M., Meyer, B., 2017. Formation and transformation of mineral phases in various fuels studied by different ashing methods. Fuel 202 (2017), pp. 641–649.

Küster, F., Nikrityuk, P., Junghanns, M., Nolte, S., Tünnermann, A., Ackermann, R., Richter, A., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2017. In-situ investigation of single particle gasification in a defined gas flow applying TGA with optical measurements. Fuel 194 (2017), pp. 544-556.

He, C., Bai, J., Kong, L., Guhl, S., Schwitalla, D., Xu, J., Bai, Z., Li, W., 2017. The precipitation of metallic iron from coal ash slag in the entrained flow coal gasifier: By thermodynamic calculation. Fuel Processing Technology 162 (2017), pp. 98-104.

Komarova, E., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2015. Brown coal char CO2-gasification kinetics with respect to the char structure. Part I: Char structure development. Fuel 152 (2015), pp. 38-47.

Guhl, S., Meyer, B., 2009. Thermodynamic Modelling of the BGL-gasification process with particular consideration of alkali metals. Fourth International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies 2009 - CCT2009, Dresden, Germany, 05/2009.

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