M.Sc. Raoul Lukas Voss

M.Sc. Raoul Lukas Voss

M.Sc. Raoul Lukas Voss

Department Technology Assessment

Room DBI 211

Phone +49 (0) 3731 39 4710
Raoul-Lukas [dot] Vossatiec [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Research topics

  • Simulation modeling methods for the integrated assessment of chemical production systems
  • Social impact analyses for innovative technologies in the chemical industry
  • Central decision criteria in chemical raw material management

Publications (Journal articles & book chapters)

Voss, R., Lee, R.P., Seidl, L., Keller, F., Froehling, M. 2021. Global warming potential and economic performance of gasification-based chemical recycling and incineration pathways for residual municipal solid waste treatment in Germany. Waste Management, Vol. 134: 206–219. Link to Article.

Lee, R. P., Tschoepe, M., Voss, R. 2021. Perception of chemical recycling and its role in the transition towards a circular carbon economy: A case study in Germany. Waste Management, 125, pp. 280-292. Link to Article.

Poganietz, W-R., Fuss, M., Poncette, Seidl, G., Meyer, B., Lee, R.P., Voss, R. 2020. Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung von Konzepten für die Kohlenstoffkreislaufwirtschaft unter Einbindung der stofflichen Braunkohlenutzung (StoKo). Abschlussbericht BMBF Verbundvorhaben, FKZ: 03SF0559B.

Lee, R.P., Meyer, B., Huang, Q.L, Voss, R., 2020. Sustainable waste management for zero waste cities in China: potential, challenges and opportunities. Clean Energy, 4(3), pp. 169-201. Link to Article.


Voss, R., Lee, R. P., Fröhling, M., 2020. Integrierte Bewertung des chemischen Recyclings von Restabfällen in Deutschland: Emissionsreduktionspotenzial und Kosten. GOR-Online-Workshop 2020 des Chair of Energy Systems and Energy Economics der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 08.–09.10.2020, Bochum. Link to Article.

Lee, R.P., Voss, R., 2019. Integrated risk assessment of carbon transition options: The case of the German chemical industry. Society of Risk Analysis Europe (SRA-E) Conference 2019 24.-26.06.2019, Potsdam, Germany. Link to Article.